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Safely and effectively communicate regardless of ambient noise or distance.

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Maintain Physical Distance

It can be frustrating to talk one-on-one or to a group when working in a challenging environment with noise, distance, distractions, or competing conversations. Communicate easily and clearly with Listen Technologies simple, portable, group communication system, ListenTALK. 

Product image of the ListenTALK product family.
Prioritize Safety When Everyone Can Hear Clearly

One-Way or Two-Way

ListenTALK is flexible and offers one-way or two-way communication.

Portable Solution

ListenTALK is portable! Use anywhere inside or outside of your facility.

Crystal Clear Sound

Delivers crystal clear audio directly to the listener without amplifying ambient noise.

Safety manager at manufacturing plant checking equipment. Wearing hardhat with headphones and microphone.

Secure and Reliable

Encryption for privacy and reliable performance backed by a warranty.

Simplicity for All

You will be surprised just how simple ListenTALK is to set up and use.

Easy Group Management

Create groups in the docking station or by tapping two devices together.

A Closer Look at ListenTALK

ListenTALK is the preferred choice for portable, two-way group communication in manufacturing. The components of a ListenTALK system include:

Product image of ListenTALK transceivers in docking station with headphones and lanyards.
The ListenTALK transceiver is a combined transmitter and receiver. Transceivers are lightweight and easy to use and are equipped with Listen Technologies’ exclusive encryption technology and push-to-talk functionality. 

Choose from different headsets designed for a variety of environments, from a quiet museum to a loud manufacturing floor. Mix and match different headsets at any time to meet your needs, with noise reduction ratings (NRR) options available. Plus, the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack also allows guests to use their own devices (earbuds or headsets). 

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See all Earphones, Neckloops & Lanyards

Docking Stations

Docking stations charge, store, and pair the ListenTALK transceivers and are easily rack or tabletop mounted.

  • Charges, stores, and pairs ListenTALK transceivers
  • Each charging slot securely locks and holds units for a reliable connection each time
  • Rack or tabletop mountable depending on your installation and needs 

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Accessories complement every application by adding functionality and features to customize your system based on the needs of your environment. From extra lanyards, to cable management, to smartphone cables, to disinfecting wipes, accessories enhance the functionality of the ListenTALK system.

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Hear the Difference

Communicating through noise and distance is frustrating. Listen Technologies creates products that overcome challenging environments so you can stop shouting and start engaging.

Watch the video of a group tour on a busy construction site to hear the difference for yourself.

The fact that all of our guests can easily hear the guide at all times is wonderful, as well as much safer. The guides love it, because they can talk in a normal voice, so it is much more relaxing for them. And the guys who work in the brew house love it, because they don’t have to listen to us yell at a group of people multiple times per day.
Jill Sacco Allagash Brewery, Merchandising and Point of Sale
We wanted to provide an immersive experience. To help executives understand what the manufacturing process is really like, we invited them to don hard hats and steel-toed boots and needed a communication system that would complement this approach and help keep them in the moment.
Adam Wilson Blue Buffalo, IT Infrastructure Engineer
The ListenTALK technology is vastly superior to other systems we have used in the past. A ton of time and money can be spent bringing guests in to see the factory, so it is vitally important that they have a great experience during the plant tour and the ListenTALK system delivers on that requirement.
Adam Kinne Cabinetry by Karman, General Manager and Executive Vice President
Additional Technology Options for Manufacturing

Radio Frequency


Radio frequency transmits audio directly to the listener's ear without amplifying ambient noise for superior intelligibility. Audio sources are wired to a transmitter and guests use receiver units to tune in to a specific audio source.  Applications range from factory tours to training.

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Audio Over Wi-Fi


Connect audio sources to a server to stream them over a Wi-Fi network. Guests can use an app on their own device, or use provided devices, to access the channel of their choice. Ideal for a cost effective way to broadcast audio to a large group.

Learn More


Listen IR

Infrared systems provide line of sight security for assistive listening needs. IR systems transmit audio to anyone with a receiver in the line of site of the emitter. Line of site systems are most often used in settings where security is essential.

Learn More
Case Studies
Outside of the Duracell Factory Building


Duracell Batteries

Duracell Batteries

The Duracell Aarschot (Belgium) plant is an international high-tech production facility spreading over 42,000 sq. m. where 500 employees produce high-performance alkaline batteries for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

During the global pandemic, Duracell needed a way for employees to safely communicate while keeping their distance.

Full Case Study
Outdoor view of Blue Buffalo pet food manufacturing building


Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo executives from across the United States visited the Heartland Pet Food Manufacturing complex on a monthly basis to participate in tours and monitor progress of the facility’s construction as well as the food production process. The IT infrastructure engineer wanted to capture the executive’s attention and keep their focus while they toured the complex.

Full Case Study
Beijing Foton automobile manufacturing plant


Beijing Foton Daimler Co., LTD

Beijing Foton Dailer Co., LTD

Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd (BFDA) installed Listen Technologies ListenRF wireless simultaneous interpretation system and ListenPortable audio tour guide system. The system enabled the tour group leader to deliver clear sound and clarity to every visitor without interference, enhancing the effectiveness of the tour. 

Full Case Study

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