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Designed to be the new standard for two-way mobile communications, the ListenTALK Transceiver is the smartest system available. The all-in-one device, equipped with Listen Technologies’ exclusive encryption technology and push-to-talk functionality, provides the simplest option for communication and collaboration among two or more people in any environment. In addition to the included Listen Ear Speaker, ListenTALK can be used with standard smartphone earbuds or a Listen Technologies headset.

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One (1) LK-1 ListenTALK Transceiver w/Leader Clip
One (1) LA-365 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
One (1) LA-401 Universal Ear Speaker
One (1) LA-445-BK Breakaway Lanyard


  • Fast and simple two-way communication
  • Push-to-talk functionality
  • Exclusive encryption technology for added security
  • Compatible with standard earbuds and Listen Technologies headsets
  • Long-lasting lithium ion rechargeable batteries
  • Optional Alkaline Battery Compartment

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Dimensions (H x W x D) with Belt Clip10 x 5.4 x 2.4 cm (3.93 x 2.13 W x 0.93 in.)
Unit Dimensions (H x W x D)10 x 5.4 x 1.6 cm (3.93 x 2.13 W x 0.63 in.)
Unit Weight79 g (2.79 oz.)
Shipping Weight206 g (7.20 oz) with 454 g (1.0 lbs.) minimum
Enclosure materialPC ABS Plastic
ColorBlack, Chrome Buttons
IndicatorsDisplay- 64 x 128 OLED, Variable brightness
LED- RED/White multifunction (Mute, Charge Status)
User ControlsVolume up, Volume Down, Talk, Power/Status, Talk Modes, Pairing
ProgrammingVia software and USB port on unit or via software and USB port on Docking Station
ConnectionsHeadset- 3.5mm TRRS, CTIA complaint
USB- Micro USB, Control and Charging
Charger- 4 Contact, Control and Charging


Headphone OutputSpeaker Load- 16 - 32 ohm load
Max Output Power- 67 mW, 16 ohm load, Threshold of Clipping
Side Tone- Adjustable
Microphone InputCompatibility- Electret, external bias
Bias- 3 volt, 2 mA Current Maximum
Sensitivity Requirement -28 to - 50 dBV/Pa
Internal MicrophoneSwitching- Auto detect on jack insertion or Manual
Maximum Input Level- 109 DBSPL
Gain- Adjustable, 30 dB range
SystemFrequency Response- 40 Hz to 15 kHz +/- 3dB, 22kHz low pass filter
SNR- 70 dB, A- weighted, Threshold of Clipping
THD- 0.5% @ 1kHz, 22kHz low pass enabled


Operating Frequency1920 to 1930 MHz - North America
1880 to 1900 MHz - Europe, Australia
1895 to 1905 MHz - Japan
Average Power4 mW - North America
10 mW - Europe, Australia
5 mW - Japan
Typical RangeIndoor 100 m, Outdoor 200 m, depending upon conditions - North America, Japan
Indoor 150 m, Outdoor 300 m, depending upon conditions - Europe, Australia
ModulationGFSK - FHSS
SecuritySubscription- 40 bit (Pin Free)
Authentication- 32 bit
Encryption- 64 bit
NFC Frequency (Near Field Communications)13.56 MHz

+Power and Battery Management

Battery TypeLithium – ion, rechargeable non-proprietary removable, 1200 mAh
Optional- 3 AAA Battery Compartment
Typical Operating TimeLi-ion- Participant- 12 Hours
AAA – Participant Mode – 7 Hours
Li-ion – Leader Mode – 7 hours
AAA – Leader Mode – 4 hours
Typical Charge time4 Hours
Power Save ModesPower down on loss of signal
Power down on disconnection of headset (1 min)
Power down on charging


TemperatureOperation- -10 °C (14 °F) to 40 °C (+104 °F)
Storage- -20 °C (-4 °F) to 50 °C (+122 °F)
Relative Humidity0 to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing


StandardsFCC part 15, ICS-03, CE, RCM, MIC, RoHS, WEEE
* Specifications subject to change without notice.


Hard-sided black ListenTALK carrying case

Road Case 16

SKU: LA-484



+How many channels are available with ListenTALK?

ListenTALK uses 1.9GHz spread spectrum. It does not use “channels” because it is constantly changing frequencies.

+How many participants can be in each ListenTALK tour group?

In a ListenTALK tour group there can be an unlimited number of participants.

+How many groups in the same room can ListenTALK support?

ListenTALK's current specification vary depending on region. For North America, you can have up to 20 simultaneous groups. For Europe, you can have up to 30 simultaneous groups.

+How many simultaneous groups will ListenTALK support?

ListenTALK groups may vary depending on region. North America service area: 100 m indoor, 200 m outdoor, depending on conditions. Up to 20 simultaneous groups. Europe service area: 150 m indoor, 300 m outdoor, depending of conditions. Up to 30 simultaneous groups.

+ListenTALK can have up to 20 groups in "one area". What does "one area" consist of?

One area consists of the typical range, which is 100 m indoors and 200 m outdoors depending on conditions (North America) and 150 m indoors and 300 m outdoors depending on conditions. (Europe version)

+Will iOS headsets work with ListenTALK?

Yes, all iOS headsets will function correctly with the ListenTALK Transceiver (LK-1)

+Will Android headsets work with ListenTALK?

Android version headsets (roughly 2014 and newer) will function correctly. The older versions have a different microphone/ground configuration making them incompatible with the ListenTALK Transceiver (LK-1).

+How can I use this with conferencing software?

Please refer to the tech-note Using Conference Software with ListenTALK for details.