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ListenPoint is a classroom amplification system that allows students to hear clearly and learn better.

ListenPoint is engineered to dramatically improve speech intelligibility, comprehension and retention. ListenPoint’s unique integrated features deliver a learning experience no other soundfield can offer and includes:

  • Integrated assistive listening for students with hearing loss to comply with national and local compliance laws
  • Virtual field trips allow students to go anywhere through Skype
  • Integrated AV/Control allows ListenPoint to work seamlessly with other AV equipment.

Teachers can simply teach.

  • Reduce voice strain
  • One button selection of AV sources.

School administrators can offer their classrooms professional grade, integrated soundfield solutions at educational pricing, once only reserved for lower quality, consumer grade products. ListenPoint is scalable – start with what you need today and add functionality as needed.

Installation and support is in a word “simple”. Listen’s unique one-cable installation, software set up and professional AV features, ensure the best results with the least amount of effort and long term support.


Classroom amplification systems help students to hear clearly and learn better.


Used by teachers and students to be clearly heard by everyone in the classroom.

Control Units

Hub for all audio sources connected to a ListenPoint system.

Room Module

Transmits audio and provides power amplification from the microphone to the speakers.


Wall mount or ceiling speaker options for classrooms.

Assistive Listening

Ensures that students with hearing loss will be a part of the learning environment.

AV Integration Control

Work hand-in-hand with other AV devices and control systems.

Virtual Field Trip

Take your students on virtual field trip by connecting to Skype through your computer.

Teacher Resources

Help you do what you do best - teach.

Consultant Toolbox

Everything you need to specify a ListenPoint system in one convenient location.

ListenPoint Accessories

Choose from a wide range of accessories.

The ListenPoint quality was impressive. I've installed and tested Bogen, FrontRow, Audio Enhancements and the ListenPoint was above all of them.Simple to use. I do not see how a teacher would have any problems using it.

Andre Rocque
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