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A tour group gathered at the Listen Technologies booth at InfoComm in 2022. Sam Nord is presenting and the group is wearing ListenTALK transceivers.

Project: InfoComm Tours

Product: ListenTALK
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

AVIXA selects ListenTALK for InfoComm 2022

ListenTALK used for Exhibit Floor Tours and Integrated Experience Tours at InfoComm

AVIXA selects ListenTALK for InfoComm – InfoComm, the largest Audio-Visual technology exhibition and conference in North America, welcomed nearly 20,000 attendees and over 500 exhibitors to the Las Vegas Convention Center in 2022. Produced by AVIXA, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, InfoComm 2022 offered expert-led guided tours of the trade show floor and Integrated Experience Tours of many world-class AV deployments in the Las Vegas area – from event spaces and nightclubs to art installations and state-of-the-art classrooms.


The daily Trade Show Floor group tours navigated nearly 300,000 square feet of exhibitor space throughout the LVCC North and West Halls – a bustling and loud environment. The off-site Integrated Experience Tours offered simultaneous and consecutive tours across multiple venues – each with unique acoustic and ambient sound challenges. With tour groups ranging from 19 to 55 participants, AVIXA wanted to ensure that all tour participants could fully engage with the tour host and each other.


AVIXA equipped the InfoComm 2022 tours with ListenTALK two-way communication systems. Hosts and participants were outfitted with a small, lightweight ListenTALK LK-1 transceiver and LA-445 neck lanyard. Tour hosts used an LA-452 Headset 2 earpiece/mic boom combo, while tour participants could use a Listen LA-401 single-ear speaker, Listen LA-402 stereo headphones, or their personal earbuds/headphones. Listen LA-438 neck loops were also available for users with telecoil-equipped hearing aids.

LA-481 docking station cases (each housing 16 LK-1 transceivers and accessories) allowed the tour organizer to easily charge, transport, and manage the distribution of the ListenTALK systems.

A tour group gathered at the Listen Technologies booth at InfoComm in 2022. Sam Nord is presenting and the group is wearing ListenTALK transceivers.


ListenTALK provided crystal clear two-way communication to hosts and participants alike. Tour hosts enjoyed hands-free communication. Participants were able to hear the host and then ask questions using the LK-1 built-in microphone and the simple TALK button. The entire group could hear the host, and each other, and be fully engaged in the tour experience.

The tour coordinator utilized LS-481 docking station cases for storage and distribution of the ListenTALK systems to the various tours. In addition to providing a compact, portable carrying case, the LA-481 quickly recharged 16 Li-ion equipped transceivers in less than four hours. This ensured each tour started with full capacity, ready-to-go ListenTALK systems.

“InfoComm selected ListenTALK for its audio clarity, reliability, and ease of use. Our tour leaders need a communication solution they can trust will perform, so they can focus on leading great tours.”  – Marcella Walsh, AVIXA.


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