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Outside photo of Hale Center Theater

Project: Hale Centre Theatre

Product: ListenTALK
Location: Sandy, Utah

Backstage tours are nothing new — they’re a great way to get donors and the community excited about a venue. But the way Hale Centre Theatre is doing them now is brand new. It’s using a communication system suited for both noisy and quiet environments. Tour guides speak into a microphone, and the ListenTALK system transmits the sound to guests via headphones or an earpiece. With this system, the tour guide can talk to the group, and members of the group can speak to the guide and each other — no matter how loud the background noise.

“People are much more engaged because they actually hear details and everyone hears everyone’s questions,” Quinn Dietlein, Hale Centre Theatre’s development director, said of tours with the ListenTALK system. “The group is much safer — often there is a construction zone, and I can point out trip hazards much better. I’m able to raise more money because people are truly so much more engaged. I have been surprised by how effective these have been for me — even in very small groups.”

System Components

LKS-3 ListenTALK 8 System (2)
LK-1 ListenTALK One w/ Leader Clips (16)
LA-452 Headset 2 (16)


After two years of construction and a price tag of more than $100 million, the new 122,300-square-foot Hale Centre Theatre in Sandy is a work of art receiving global recognition. There’s the 17-foot-tall bronze jester sculpture by artist Scott Olson in the plaza, a half-dozen crystal chandeliers sparkling in the lobby, two large theaters, incredible backstage areas — the list goes on. The 122,300-square-foot performing arts center includes a 467-seat, 11-row proscenium thrust stage, named the Jewel Box Theatre and a 900-seat, 10 row theater-in-the-round Centre Stage Theatre.

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