Radio Frequency (RF) systems work by signals being transmitted using electromagnetic waves. This same technology is used by FM radio stations to broadcast music. ListenRF systems wirelessly transmits audio from a fixed base or portable transmitter to bodypack receivers with earphones. Users listen to the sound and adjust volume on their receivers.

  • RF technology is advantageous in that there are no “line-of-site” issues.
  • The technology can cover wide areas, both indoors or outdoors.
  • RF technology transmits with an antenna. With a fixed base transmitter antenna placement is critical to the performance and range of an RF system. Ideally for optimum range, the antenna should be in the general vicinity of the receivers. The transmitter can be installed anywhere in a space, however the antenna should be high up and in the area of where the receivers will be used.
  • An RF assistive listening system is typically the least expensive system to purchase and install.
  • For users with a hearing aid that has a telecoil (T-Coil capabilities) a personal neck loop can be used with the personal RF receivers.

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In short, your product help us provide effective ministry! We have been using the Listen system and I have had nothing but compliments. Sound quality is extremely good throughout the sanctuary – and indeed, throughout the church.

Bob Gann
Sound System Coordinator, St. John’s Lutheran Church
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