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Access everything you need to scope and specify a Listen Technologies assistive listening system.

Consultant Toolbox

Our consultant toolbox includes everything you need to specify a Listen Technologies system in your next project. Simply select the product line and asset type to filter the available documents to quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

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Assistive Listening Accessibility Calculator

The Assistive Listening Accessibility Calculator walks you through the requirements of being compliant based on your location and venue capacity.

Flexible Solutions for Every Venue



Connect audio sources to a server to stream them over a Wi-Fi network. Guests can use an app on their own device, or use provided devices, to access the channel of their choice. 




Audio sources are wired to a transmitter and guests use receiver units to tune in to a specific audio source. Applications range from college campuses to museums, anywhere you broadcast audio to a group.

See ListenRF



Infrared assistive listening systems transmit audio to anyone with a receiver in the line of site of the radiator. Line-of-site systems are most often used in courtrooms, medical settings, or for organizations where security is essential.

See ListenIR


Listen Combo

Combo systems combine two technologies to meet a venues needs.

See Combo Systems

A Guide to Assistive Listening; Understanding Mandatory Compliance

In 2010, new standards for the ADA became law (these standards took full effect on March 15, 2012, mandatory for all new construction or renovations). Download the ebook, A Guide to Assistive Listening; Understanding Mandatory Compliance to learn about the changes, specifically for assistive listening systems and include new technologies to meet the guidelines.

On a background picture of large building pillars, the words "A guide to assistive listening: understanding mandatory compliance"
Insights in Assistive Listening