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Listen EVERYWHERE Update Includes Private Channels

In the face of the pandemic, the BYOD (bring your own device) culture has gone from trendy to necessary.

Businesses around the globe are required to have employees physically distancing and wearing masks while on the job. In courtrooms and other government buildings, quietly conferring about sensitive or confidential matters is difficult if not impossible. In classrooms, teachers and professors are routinely losing their voices because they have to raise their voices to be heard through masks.

Having a pro-BYOD policy, along with the right technology, allows employees, students, and others to continue to communicate, work, and experience social events under these new conditions. With its latest free software update for designated private audio channels, Listen EVERYWHERE is the right solution to help businesses, courtrooms, classrooms, and more stay open while keeping employees and patrons safe.

Private Channels

Listen EVERYWHERE private channels allows for an added measure of security while adhering to social distancing mandates and the peace of mind associated with using one’s own device. Administrators, IT personnel, and professors can designate channels as private on their network protected by a password. Users can then access the audio using the password, preventing anyone else from listening.

Keeping information, conversations, and lectures secure is essential for venue administrators, professors, and IT personnel. Physically distancing can make it almost impossible since meeting in enclosed spaces and sitting near each other is unadvised and, in some cases, in violation of the law.

As an example, a network administrator can set up a private channel for a board meeting in which members are sitting in different areas of the building to maintain physical distancing. A professor can designate a channel as private to broadcast a closed-class lecture to multiple classrooms. In addition, organizers of a drive-in event can prevent non-patrons from streaming the audio.

More Highlights

The new features of Listen EVERYWHERE make the system an essential tool for venues of any kind, including:

  • System flexibility with any combination of public and private channels
  • Easy password management for administrators
  • New admin section on the mobile app for simple setup from a smart device
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Free upgrade for new and existing customers

“As BYOD trends increase and people maintain physical distance from others in the workplace, schools, and drive-in worship services, Listen EVERYWHERE plays a crucial role in helping them hear and engage safely,” says Maile Keone, president of Listen Technologies. More than ever, Listen EVERYWHERE is the right solution to help venues and businesses stay open while keeping staff members, patrons, and others safe. With private channels for added security and additional app features, it’s the ideal technology to enhance the necessary BYOD culture.

Easily upgrade your Listen EVERYWHERE server to access and use the new private channels feature.

Easily setup and use the new private channels feature. 

Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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