How to Make Great Artwork for Listen EVERYWHERE’s App

Best in streaming audio? Check. Best personal listening experience? Check. Customizable app? Check. Now, what about the artwork?

One of the best features of Listen EVERYWHERE is the customizable app. Venues can use their own artwork and brand to add a welcome ad or video as well as sliding promotional banners. So where do you start?

Begin with the theme artwork

The theme is what customers see first when opening the app. You’ll need a 640×280-pixel image to represent the business. A 640×500-pixel image can be used for tablets, but the app can generate this size from the 640×280-pixel image.

The business website may have the right photo, but it’s not always the right size. If you’re a reseller and don’t have access to the graphic artist who made the image, try the business’s Facebook page. The social networking site has made uploading images so easy that there’s always a variety from which to choose.

Determine the right aspect ratio for the theme

The aspect ratio for artwork sounds like a complicated term, but computer programs make it easy. The aspect ratio is the ratio of the width to the height of the screen or image. Try Photoshop, Canva or another photo-editing program to set the aspect ratio. What you should never do, though, is stretch the artwork to fit the box. If it’s too small, consider instead adding a color frame around it to fill the whitespace. If you need some theme art examples, check out our customer testimonial page.

Listen EVERYWHERE gives patrons the best personal listening experience, and the app is an essential part of that. Set the right artwork for the theme, get the proper aspect ratio and focus on signs inside the business to maximize the benefits of Listen EVERYWHERE.

Wireless Communication Made for Interpreters

Language interpreters work in a variety of settings, using high-tech wireless communication or talking face-to-face. In our multilingual world, interpretation is a growing profession with the number of jobs expected to grow faster than the average—18 percent between now and 2026.

Though language interpreters work in diverse locations and speak different languages, they have similar needs:

To follow best practices and to be heard clearly, no matter where they are.

Where interpreters work

Interpreters are needed everywhere people are speaking different languages, which can be anywhere. The increasing number of non-English speakers in the country as well as globalization are driving growth in the field, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Though translators work in churches, conference centers, jails and more, these are the largest employers:

  • Professional, scientific and technical services: 30 percent of interpreters work in this field.
  • Education (schools): 23 percent work in education.
  • Self-employed: 22 percent of interpreters work on a freelance basis.
  • Hospitals: state, local and private hospitals employ 8 percent of interpreters.
  • Government: 6 percent of translators work for a government agency or department.

Common best practices

Though interpreters in different industries have industry-specific best practices, there are guidelines that they share.

  • Communicate accurately and completely. Interpreters should never paraphrase or leave out parts of a message.
  • Replicate the speaker. Interpreters often broadcast via speakers or a wireless communication system to listeners who can’t see the speaker. An interpreter should match the tone and style of the speaker, to best convey the message.
  • Don’t insert him/herself into interpretation. Interpreters should never offer their own commentary into the message. Conveying the original message is their sole purpose.

Broadcast everywhere

Interpreting information face-to-face is the best way to convey a message. The speaker, interpreter, and listener can see each other and understand tone and style. However, that’s not always possible. Often, an interpreter needs to broadcast a message to different areas of a building or space. The people who need to hear the interpretation may be spread out and not able to sit with an interpreter. That’s where Listen EVERYWHERE comes in. Listen EVERYWHERE is the leading solution for high-quality audio streaming and wireless communication for interpreters. This system features crystal-clear, wireless audio streaming to free apps available on iOS and Android devices. It uses an existing Wi-Fi network, so setup is as simple as plug and play.


Here are more reasons why this wireless communication system is perfect for language interpretation:

  • No lip sync issues, so the audio won’t lag behind the speaker.
  • Affordable—a complete solution starts at less than $800.
  • Multiple channels, so it supports up to 16 channels.
  • Fully customizable app experience. Owners can make custom channel labels in different languages, add links to events or calendars, and more.

Interpreters work in diverse fields and speak different languages, but they have similar requirements. They need to follow common best practices, and they need to be heard clearly. With Listen EVERYWHERE, interpreters can broadcast a message anywhere over crystal-clear streaming audio. If you’re ready to easily broadcast language interpretation, go to now!



8 Ways to Improve Wi-Fi Streaming in Houses of Worship

The services are engaging and inspiring. The building is comfortable. With millions of people deciding where to attend religious services every week around the country, what sets a house of worship apart from the others?

People aren’t attending religious services like they used to—attendance is down from 42 percent in 2008 to 38 percent now. Give people a reason to come back week after week, with the best-in-class Wi-Fi streaming solution. Here are eight ways to use Listen EVERYWHERE to make every house of worship more accessible and inclusive.

1. Give the best listening experience with Wi-Fi streaming

About 48 million people in the U.S. have some degree of hearing loss. Some may wear hearing aids, but not everyone does. With Listen EVERYWHERE, everyone has a choice of a better personal listening experience via Wi-Fi streaming. To start streaming audio from the sermon, all they need to do is download a free app to their iOS or Android device. Your patrons will then hear every word delivered straight to their ears via their personal headphones or earbuds.

For houses of worship that need an ADA- or IBC-compliant solution, Listen Everywhere can help there, too. It’s available in packages with IR and RF systems that will make the house of worship compliant and ultra-inclusive.

2. Include everyone

Listen EVERYWHERE is the perfect system to use for an intergenerational how-to activity. Have tech-savvy youth teach seniors how to use the Wi-Fi streaming system.

3. Broadcast venue-wide

Listen EVERYWHERE works everywhere the Wi-Fi reaches. That means everyone, whether they’re in the kitchen or nursery, patio or parking lot can hear the sermon or lesson. That is, as long as the Wi-Fi streaming signal is strong enough.

4. Stock headphones

People will appreciate having the option of noise-canceling over-the-ear headphones. Keep a small stock on hand for people who don’t own their own and want to focus on every word of the service.

5. Add interpreters

What about language interpretation? Listen EVERYWHERE does that too. It supports up to 16 channels so that a house of worship can broadcast multiple interpreters at the same time.

6. Post signs

A house of worship won’t get maximum usage unless it tells people about the Wi-Fi streaming system. Post information, so everyone knows Listen EVERYWHERE—and any other assistive listening system—is available.

7. Keep it open

Listen EVERYWHERE works by broadcasting sound via Wi-Fi. Keeping the Wi-Fi system open or with a simple password ensures everyone can use it. No one wants to remember a continually changing password like 7GiK:HYmbq!k.

8. Add value

One of the incredible features of Listen EVERYWHERE is that it has customizable features in the app. Houses of worship can use this feature to include banners with special notices, links to calendars, hymns and more.

Listen EVERYWHERE —the best-in-class Wi-Fi streaming solution—makes any house of worship more accessible and inclusive. To get started with this affordable system, call (877) 760-9270 or go to today!

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6 Tips to Improve Sports Viewing in Bars and Restaurants

Sports viewing is a big draw for restaurants and bars. Here are seven ways to improve the sports-viewing experience for patrons:

Offer the best Wi-Fi audio streaming

For the best viewing experience, offer the world-class Wi-Fi audio streaming solution, Listen EVERYWHERE. This easy-to-install system streams crystal-clear sound via Wi-Fi straight to patrons’ smartphones and tablets. Once they download the free app with the venue’s branding, they can decide what they want to hear—all without lip-sync or interference issues. The only limitation is which games the venue is showing on TV.

Install high-speed Internet

Everyone multi-tasks. They want to eat, drink, play fantasy sports and check social media and email while they’re watching the game. So make sure the venue offers high-performing Wi-Fi, so it doesn’t slow patrons down. It also will keep them inside the business longer.

Display showing options

Don’t make customers guess what games are on. Use handwritten or digital signage—or better yet, the customizable Listen Everywhere app—to announce what’s showing and what’s coming up.

Provide charging stations

Restaurants and bars don’t want customers leaving prematurely because their phones or tablets died. Also, they don’t want customers driving home when they shouldn’t, just because they didn’t have a phone to call a cab or driving service.

Control the remote

Putting a remote in the hands of a customer is a recipe for disaster. They may change the channel to something inappropriate or cause a disagreement because other people in the venue were watching the previous channel.

Advertise on social media

Let patrons know which games will be available at the venue and when via social media pages. That way they won’t have to guess where to go to watch their favorite teams.

Following these tips will help bars and restaurants give patrons the ultimate sports viewing experience. If you’re ready to add Listen EVERYWHERE to your entertainment lineup, give us a call at (877) 760-9270 or go to




Give guests the best personal listening experience

The millions of people who own smartphones and other devices probably don’t expect a tremendous personal listening experience when they walk into a bar, restaurant, hotel, casino, cruise ship, airport or another hospitality-related venue. Businesses that give customers exceptional listening experiences stand out from the crowd. They also keep clients inside longer—spending more money—and earn returning guests.

For businesses that want crystal-clear streaming audio, and happy customers, there’s only one option: Listen EVERYWHERE. It only takes a few simple steps to connect the affordable Listen EVERYWHERE system to an existing audio and Wi-Fi system. Then, customers download the free app and start streaming. Listen EVERYWHERE supports up to channels and more than 1,000 simultaneous users.

Here’s how Listen EVERYWHERE benefits hospitality businesses:


Streaming audio is a less obvious service at a hotel or motel, but an amenity that can benefit the company and guests.

  • Lobbies: Lodging businesses can keep waiting guests entertained and informed with streaming audio. With Listen EVERYWHERE, guests can watch TVs in the lobby or seating area without the volume turned up to distracting levels. All they need to do is download the app to their smartphone or another device, use their phone speakers, earbuds, or headphones and stream away!
  • In-house fitness centers: Most people like to watch or listen to something while they work out. However, they don’t want to be tethered to a machine—and does anyone still own headphones that plugin? So, give them the option to stream your TVs to their devices, with the service that doesn’t have lip sync or latency issues.
  • Restaurant/bar area: Sometimes guests want to put headphones on and focus on a game or their favorite show. With Listen EVERYWHERE, they’ll be able to hear every call and line of dialogue, without disturbing other patrons.


Casinos are naturally loud environments the jittering pings of slot machines and crowds of eager guests. Chattering crowds and ambient noise make it difficult for high-stakes guests to focus on their games or watch sporting events. With Listen Everywhere, casinos can cut down on the noise without sacrificing anyone’s gaming experience.

  • Sports: With the option for up to channels, casino visitors can stream audio from their sporting event of choice—provided the casino’s TV provider carries it.
  • Races: Focusing on the audio of a NASCAR, horse or other race can be difficult. When visitors can stream crystal-clear, ultra-low latency audio, they won’t miss out on any of the developments.
  • Tournament rooms: Some high-stake guests want complete silence while gaming. Others want noise. With Listen Everywhere, casinos can give high rollers the noise level they desire, without disturbing other players.
  • Bar areas: For many people, drinking and casinos go hand-in-hand. Whether they want to sit in the bar area and socialize or watch a TV, they have a choice with Listen EVERYWHERE.

Restaurants and Bars

From sports bars to family eateries, all kinds of restaurants offer TV-viewing options. The sets are muted, or the noise of all the channels and chatter in the room drowns out all the sound. There is a better solution: Listen EVERYWHERE.

Alfred Anderson, owner of Chaplin’s Sports Bistro in California, is a believer in the power of Listen EVERYWHERE. “Our customers can turn their smartphone into their personal listening device. We’re able to attract more customers who stay longer because they can actually hear the sound of the TV they choose or, if they are into fantasy sports, switch back and forth.”

There also are revenue opportunities for bars and restaurants with the Listen EVERYWHERE app. The app offers options for custom sliding promotional banners, labels on TV channels and text banners, businesses can sell those spaces to vendors and affiliates. Not only does Listen Everywhere provide a better personal listening experience for customers, but it also offers valuable revenue opportunities in the app.

Cruise Ships

Decades ago, a cruise meant travelers disconnected from the outside world. Slowly, cruise ships have added communication technology, and now travelers expect the best in tech—even in the middle of the ocean. With Listen EVERYWHERE, cruise companies also can give guests the best in streaming audio. Instead of blaring sound from TV screens, digital signs and speakers, guests can stream crystal-clear audio in:

  • Pool areas
  • Casinos
  • Bars
  • Rooms
  • Lobbies and seating areas


Ships also can use the app to broadcast important messages and alerts via banners.


Early in the morning, or in the middle of the night, travelers might be able to hear the audio from a TV in the concourse or a gate. The rest of the day, there’s too much competing noise. In fact, it’s almost impossible to hear vital gate and airport-wide announcements. Travelers in VIP areas expect quiet with TVs on low volume or muted. Listen EVERYWHERE can give everyone an optimal personal listening experience in the airport, providing streaming audio to everyone with the app.

In concourses and at gates, travelers can stream audio from TVs and digital signage while still seeing important announcements broadcast over the app. Travelers in VIP lounges and other quiet spaces can get the audio they want without disturbing other travelers.

Hospitality businesses that want to differentiate themselves from the competition, and have happy, repeat customers, need to offer the best in streaming audio— Listen EVERYWHERE. If you’re ready to give your customers the best in personal listening, go to or call us at (877) 760-9270 today!