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GPS-triggered audio via existing public address systems 

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NAVILUTION PA Delivery delivers GPS-triggered pre-recorded audio over your existing public address system.

NAVILUTION PA Delivery can be installed or portable. Use the portable case to make it simple and fast to set up in a vehicle or vessel on demand.

Listen NAVILUTION PA Delivery

Consistency is Key

Build and maintain brand equity with accurate and consistent messaging.

Level Up with Video

Add video for next stop notifications, sign language, and promotions.

Leading Technology

The system utilizes leading GPS technology and is highly sensitive and accurate.

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Easily Expandable

Easy to expand to multi-language delivery as operational demands grow.

Flexible Solutions

Installed or portable solutions to easily move the system to meet demand.

Cloud Software

Create and manage routes and  messaging on any computer.

PA Delivery Server

The PA Delivery Server uses GPS locator technology to trigger pre-recorded content which transmits the audio at just the right time.

See the PA Delivery Systems

Highly accurate and super-reliable audio and video content delivery at exactly the right moment and location.

Simple software and feature update capability keep your business and tour solutions at the cutting edge for years to come.

Enhanced attention and emotion–grabbing video experiences with new opportunities for promotional and hearing-impaired communications.

Cortex Software
The Cortex software is the key to your GPS-triggered tour audio and offers huge time savings, increased productivity, and optimal performance.

Who doesn't love an easy-to-use intuitive interface? Created in partnership with a leading human experience agency, Cortex was designed for the non-programmer, so it is the easiest way to organize and manage your audio, video, and music.

The Cortex cloud-based service enables secure social collaboration for route-building and content management accessible anytime, anywhere via the web, desktop, and mobile devices. Create, move, and change location-based delivery of content in seconds to make better decisions and streamline operations.

Cortex simplifies operations by managing multiple destinations, tours, and routes from one intuitive, flexible interface and syncs content for NAVILUTION GPS tour solutions.

Easily map any local business, physical address, and point of interest directly from Google's database with a simple search and single click.

Using Cortex’s content library, you can manage all your stories, fillers, music, video, and sounds from a single user interface—just like a playlist. Plus, experience the convenience of universal editing. Update your stories across all of your routes with a single master topic list. Simply change the master and your content will update automatically across all routes, instantly.

Superior scalability and flexibility through an array of dedicated channels means you can provide virtually any number of language and topic choices on a single route.

Display Control Panel

Designed alongside driver and captain feedback, Listen NAVILUTION Seatback+ improves safety and reduces distraction through simple, one-finger touches for guides to access safety, emergency, and filler commentary (off-route audio).

See the Display Control Panel

Designed for human experience, the display control panel includes a single-finger touch to play audio with minimal driver interaction.

Thanks to the Display Control Panel at-a-glance time indicator, drivers and captains can better manage route timing without having to slow down or speed up.

Along with the hardwired System Control Interface, mobile phone access allows guides and captains to play, pause, stop, and access key safety and emergency features.

GPS Receiver

The global positioning system (GPS) uses a Garmin receiver to receive satellite signals. 

See the GPS Receiver

Using GPS-triggered systems improves safety by delivering automated audio with override ability for emergency and promotional commentary.

Highly accurate and sensitive for delivering prerecorded content at just the right time.

Differential DGPS capability using real-time WAAS correction yielding position accuracy of less than 3 meters.

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