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The Navilution NEXT Portable AC/DC System is a GPS triggered commentary system with up to 16 channels for simultaneous delivery of audio to passengers in different languages and topics. It comes in a portable case that makes it simple and fast to set up in a vehicle or vessel on demand. It can be operated on 110/220VAC or 12/24VDC. This NEXT system includes 16 RCA phono outputs that can be connected to the inputs of RF transmitters available from various manufacturers. Passengers use RF receivers to listen one of the 16 channels and adjust volume.  The system includes a display control panel and external GPS antenna/receiver for reliable GPS triggering.  Route planning, GPS triggers and tour development is simple and easy using Navilution Cortex, a proprietary cloud-based software tool. For audio tour development, there is basic, advanced and creative tour development training and Listen tour development partners that can help in the development of your audio tour. The system also supports video delivery to an onboard monitor to enhance passenger experience and can be used for ASL.

The Display Control Panel (“DCP”) is an external display that improves safety and reduces drivers and captains’ distractions. Displaying the elapsed time of audio tour commentary, drivers and captains manage route timing without slowing down or speeding up. The easy to read touch screen shows the audio commentary playlist, with play, pause, and stop features for guides. Users access safety and emergency announcements, off-route audio commentary, and quickly set the language to play over the public address system’s speakers using one-finger touches.


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One (1) LN-200N Navilution NEXT Server
One (1) LN-075-DCP Navilution Display Control Panel
One (1) LN-050-GPSR Navilution GPS Receiver
One (1) LNA-040-PC Navilution DC Power Cable
One (1) LNA-053-FUS Navilution DC Power Fuses (Qty: 3)
One (1) Quick Start Guide
Cortex – Cloud-based Tour Development Software


  • Portable carry case makes it fast to quickly set up an audio tour system in any vehicle or vessel.
  • Operates on 110/220AC or 12/24VDC.
  • GPS triggered commentary system with up to 16 channels for simultaneous delivery of audio to passengers in different languages and topics.
  • Source of audio for distribution over a PA system or an existing delivery system accepting analogue audio signals.
  • Proprietary Cortex cloud-based tour development software makes it simple, easy and fast to build audio tours. Basic, advanced and creative tour design training available and tour development partners can create your tours.
  • HDMI video delivery of story supporting visual experience or ASL for the hearing impaired and deaf.
  • Display Control Panel (DCP) enable the operator to start/stop tours.
  • Local audio-video integration sales, installation and support.
Configurations & Architectural Specs


LNS-300N-01 Navilution NEXT Portable System (North America)
LNS-300N-02 Navilution NEXT Portable System (Asia, UK)
LNS-300N-03 Navilution NEXT Portable System (Europe)

Architectural Specs

The multi-channel GPS triggered commentary system (system) shall be capable of playing up to sixteen channels of audio simultaneously to be used on a moving vehicle or vessel with the audio being delivered sixteen RCA phono connectors and to an onboard public address system. The system shall be triggered automatically via GPS or manually by an operator via a control panel, a mobile device or a foot switch. The system shall include an external GPS 18X OEM, high sensitivity GPS sensor and receiver to ensure reliable location triggering. The system shall be capable of being operated simultaneously on DC voltages 12VDC or 24VDC and AC voltages 110VAC or 220VAC. The system shall have audio connections to connect to a public address system and shall receive both line and microphone inputs. The system shall have an HDMI output for playing of video on a remote on-board monitor.

Programming of the system shall be done using on-line software based on Google maps and shall include route planning; GPS trigger zone programming; uploading of audio files; and exporting to the system via a USB flash drive or similar.

The Listen LNS-300N Navilution NEXT Portable AC/DC System is specified.

Product Specifications
Specification LNS-300N
This specification only details the specification of the LN-200N server. For specifications of the other components of this system, please go to the product page of that component.


Dimensions (H x W x D) 44.14 mm (1.74 in.) x 236.89 mm (9.33 in.) x 207.27 mm (8.16 in.)
Unit Weight 1.54 kg (3.4 lbs.)
Shipping Weight 2.27 kg (5 lbs.)


IMP Switch PA Out Mic/line switch. Up- Line, nominal -13dBu / Down-Mic, nominal -59dBu


Power / Status LED Solid Green under normal operation. Flashes Green when uploading tours or firmware updates.
DCP Port Green LED Solid Green, physical link established. Flashing Green, data transfer.

Interconnections - Rear Panel

Power Molex CONN HEADER R/A 4POS 5.7MM
GPS RJ-11, Dedicated connection to LN-050-GPSR GPS receiver.
HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) Connects to HDMI enabled monitor for displaying video segments.
USB Type A 2.0 female
DCP RJ-45, Dedicated port for LN-075-DCP Display Control Panel connection.
ANT SMA Antenna, Female for Wi-Fi Control.

Audio - In

Nominal Level -10dBu
Max Level +13dBu
Noise Floor -75dBu
Dynamic Range 88dB
Impedance 3K Ohms
Frequency Response +/-1dB from 20Hz to 20KHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 65dB
Total Harmonic Distortion < 0.05 @ 1KHz

Audio - Mic A & B

Nominal Level -45dBu to -35dBu
Max Level -19dBu
Impedance 100K Ohms
Frequency Response +/-1dB from 20Hz to 20KHz
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.04% @ 1KHz

Audio - PA Out

Nominal Level -22dBu
Max Level -10dBu
Noise Floor -69dBu
Dynamic Range 59dB
Frequency Response +/-4dB from 20Hz to 15KHz
Total Harmonic Distortion < 0.2% @ 1KHz

Audio - Out

Nominal Level -15dBu
Max Level -3dBu
Noise Floor -75dBu
Dynamic Range 72dB
Frequency Response +/-1dB from 20Hz to 20KHz
Total Harmonic Distortion < 0.1 % @ 1KHz

AC Power Supply (LA-211-0X)

AC Power Supply Input 120 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 2.5A
AC Power Supply Output 24VDC, 10A
Connector Molex CONN RCPT HSG 4POS 5.70MM
Fuse 20A Blade Fuse, ATO (Regular).
Compliance FCC, CE

DC Power Cable (LNA-040-PC)

Connector Molex CONN RCPT HSG 4POS 5.70MM
Fuse 20A Blade Fuse, ATO (Regular).
Cable Length 183cm (72 in.)


Temperature - Operating 0 C to +40 C (32 F to +104 F)
Temperature - Storage -20 C to +50 C (-4 F to +122 F)
Relative Humidity 0 - 95%, Non condensing


Standards FCC, IC, RoHS, TUV, CE


Programming Via Cloud Software: Navilution Cortex software for route building and content management.
Max Channels 16
Audio Media File Format mp3, 128kbps, mono
Audio Bit Depth 16 Bit
Audio Sampling Rate 44.1KHz
Video Media File Format MP4
Max Trigger points 120 per route
Wi-Fi Control 2.4Ghz HTTP
Q What is the purpose of the 16 RCA phono connectors?
A Primary purpose is to connect to the Listen EVERYWHERE server, but you could connect this to a third-party RF transmitter that transmits audio to wireless RF receivers used by passengers.
Q Why should I choose the Navilution System from Listen?
A For over 23 years, Listen has been a quality developer and manufacturer of reliable and mission-critical audio-visual equipment to the world. Rest assured, you know that Listen is constantly improving and supporting its products. And our worldwide audio-visual partners will be there to support you in the design, installation, and maintenance of your system today and as you expand to meet future demands.
Q How do I get support for my Navilution system?
A Call your local reseller you purchased it from and/or call Listen directly. We provide support in most countries worldwide.
Q What are the options for power on a Navilution Server?
A The Navilution Server can be powered from a vehicle DC power source that is 12VDC to 24VDC or it can be powered from an 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz AC power supply.
Q I need a single language system going to the PA system in my vehicle or vessel – which system should I purchase?
A Any Navilution system can be used for your PA system. However, if you ever wanted to add seatback controllers, you would want to use a Navilution EVO system or if you ever wanted to upgrade to a Listen EVERYWHERE system for Wi-Fi commentary delivery to smart devices, you would want to use a Navilution NEXT system.
Q How many channels does Navilution EVERYWHERE System have?
A The Navilution EVERYWHERE System has 16 channels that can be expanded by duplicating systems.
Q I already have my audio stories recorded. Can they be used on Navilution?
A Yes. Simply import them into Cortex, Listen’s proprietary on-line tour development software.
Q What format should the audio files be in?
A Audio files need to be in .mp3 128kbps Mono 44.1khz format. Whatever format your audio files are in they can easily be converted to meet those parameters using free software on the internet. These files will have to follow a specific file naming protocol so that Cortex can recognize different language files.
Q How do you get route information, GPS coordinates and tour audio onto the Navilution server?
A Using the proprietary on-line software called Cortex, you do the tour development which includes routing planning and adding GPS trigger points on Google maps, and then uploading your audio stories to your media library. Once completed, you export the audio tour to a USB thumb drive and then simply plug the USB drive into the Navilution Server USB port. Your tour automatically updates the Navilution server.
Q Is it possible to have both seatback controllers and a Listen EVERYWHERE on the same Navilution server?
A No, not at this point. Stay tuned!
Q What are my options for purchasing, installing and supporting my Navilution system in my country?
A Listen has many audio-visual integrators throughout the world that are experts in designing, programming, installing, and supporting your system. Contact our Sales team at [email protected] to assist with finding an AV Integrator in your area.
Q How do you control a Navilution System?
A The most common way is to use the included Display Control Panel (DCP). You can also connect to the Navilution server using a smart phone or tablet.
Q What does the Display Control Panel (DCP) do?
A This is used by the operator to start and stop automated tours, manually start stories and other functions such as setting the default language for audio out to your PA’s systems speakers as well as notifying the operator which story is next in your playlist.
Q How does the GPS work?
A To ensure reliable operation of system, a Garmin GPS receiver and remote antenna comes standard with all Navilution systems. The antenna should be mounted outside of the vehicle or vessel to ensure it has a strong signal from GPS satellites.
Q What happens if you go into a tunnel or a location where there is no GPS signal?
A There are two ways of solving this: 1) Just before entering location of the GPS dead spot, you can GPS trigger an audio story to start with a predefined time delay and then trigger the audio story based on the time; or 2) audio stories can be manually started by the operator.
Q Can I GPS trigger commentary when delayed by heavy traffic?
A Yes, using Cortex you can set up audio stories for both low and high traffic scenarios, so your passengers remain entertained on routes where high traffic is a challenge.
Q Can I GPS trigger audio stories if I go down a street in both directions?
A Yes, your audio stories will trigger in both directions. You can assign a directional heading to a GPS trigger which means your audio story will only play based on the direction your vehicle or vessel is moving.
Q Does GPS triggering work in highly remote areas?
A Yes, we work with many operators around the globe, GPS triggering stories from remote mountain canyons, Norwegian Fjords to Middle Eastern deserts.
Q Can I play music between audio stories?
A Yes, you can use music between audio stories, an option in the online tour development software.

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