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The best tech accessories compliment any environment by adding functionality to the wireless communication device, increasing engagement, or both. Here at Listen Technologies, we believe in offering accessories that make our wireless communication products better and more functional for you. Here are our latest offerings for ListenTALK:

1. AAA battery compartment

  • What it is: An additional AAA battery compartment to compliment the rechargeable battery that comes standard with every ListenTALK device.
  • How it makes the device better: Offers an additional power source in case the rechargeable battery runs out during use, away from the charger.
  • Who needs it: Anyone who uses ListenTALK out in the field, away from the charger for an extended period. This offers a backup for tour operators and others who spend a lot of time with their ListenTALK systems.

2. Protective case

  • What it is: A silicone-compound case that protects the device’s back, sides, top, and bottom against damage.
  • How it makes the device better: Users don’t have to worry about damaging parts of the device in the case of fall.
  • Who needs it: Anyone using a ListenTALK system who’s worried about damage. Falls are unusual because the device is usually attached to a lanyard or clip and headphones or headset. This case offers additional peace of mind to the ListenTALK systems’ owner and users.

3. Cable management pocket

  • What it is: A Velcro cable management sleeve that holds cords while worn with a lanyard or clipped to a belt.
  • How it makes the device better: This pocket keeps cords out of the way. That eliminates the chance for cords to catch on something and damage the equipment.
  • Who needs it: Anyone using a ListenTALK system who wants to keep the device as safe as possible.

4. Metal D-rings

  • What it is: A ring attachment that allows for users to attach a custom lanyard to the device.
  • How it makes the device better: The metal D-ring gives owners the opportunity to add a lanyard of their choice.
  • Who needs it: Anyone who wants to customize or brand the ListenTALK devices to their company. For example, Disney has its own branded lanyards and wants to use them with its ListenTALK devices.

5. Smartphone cable

  • What it is: This cable connects a ListenTALK device to any smartphone, allowing a remote presenter to use the system.
  • How it makes the device better: The smartphone cable gives the wireless communication system the ability to have two leaders. The remote presenter becomes the leader, and the on-site presenter becomes the sub-leader. Because of the crystal-clear sound quality, there’s no need to shout over anyone or into a speaker. Group members can ask questions and have discussions with the remote leader, providing them with valuable information or skills they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to gain.
  • Who needs it: The smartphone cable is especially useful for tour operators and anyone doing training. The tour group or class can add an expert to the group without needing the person to be on-site.

6. Mic input/headphone output cable

  • What it is: This cable splits the traditional receive/transmit function of a standard jack to use an independent mic and speaker.
  • How it makes the device better: Allows the system to transmit sound to a secondary room, not just to other ListenTALK devices.
  • Who needs it: Anyone doing training, translating or who needs to transmit audio to a secondary location. For example, a doctor performing surgery could use this cable to transmit crystal-clear audio to another room where medical students were observing the procedure. A translator could use this system to broadcast the translated proceedings of a courtroom or classroom.

7. Line/headset mix cable

  • What it is: A cable that allows the system to broadcast secondary pre-recorded audio or music to the devices.
  • How it makes the device better: Gives a ListenTALK system owner the opportunity to eliminate dead air. When group leaders or presenters aren’t speaking, they can switch over to music or another audio track.
  • Who needs it: Anyone who doesn’t like silence. Sometimes there’s a long pause between stops on a tour, and no one has a question, in training when class members are each given a chance to try a hands-on activity, or between translations. For example, Segway plans to use this new cable to play music and pre-recorded safety messages between tour stops.


We believe that the best tech accessories compliment any environment. That’s why we’re committed to offering wireless communication accessories that make ListenTALK better and more functional for you. If you’re ready to accessorize your ListenTALK system or want to give ListenTALK a try, call us today at (888) 296-1623 or go to listentalk.com!

Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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