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Cory Schaeffer, our fearless, talented, brilliant, charming Co-Founder and VP of Sales Worldwide, was recently nominated as a finalist for the 6th Annual Women Tech Awards.

The Women Tech Council’s program recognizes technology-focused women who are driving innovation, leading technology companies and are key contributors to the community.


In celebration of this illustrious nomination, we thought we’d share some of Cory’s thoughts on being a woman working in the technology industry. So, without further ado, here is what Cory had to say:

How did you get interested in the technology industry?


The truth is, I fell into the industry. However, I stayed in it, because I quickly saw an opportunity for ongoing growth in an exciting field. I also saw that there were few women and it felt great to talk the technology talk and have the industry really want to “understand.” I feel that I can discuss technology at a very basic level or a very high level and it has served me very well.
What lessons have you learned about being a woman working in a field that is viewed as predominately male?


I’ve learned that because an industry is predominately male, there are tons of opportunities for me as a woman and for other women, too. The men in the industry want women to succeed and they are willing to help them. I’ve also learned to step up and take a seat at the table. Women can and should be in this industry and we should be leading. There is no reason not to and there is absolutely nothing stopping us. This industry needs more women. We ask questions that many of our male counterparts will not, we take time to educate ourselves, we are great networkers; it’s a great field to push beyond our comfort zones.
What do you think the future is for women working in the technology industry?


I strongly believe that we’ll see more and more women on boards, running organizations, and projects. Women prefer to communicate and involve others collaboratively. Women are strong communicators and communication management is vital to our industry. Women are more interested in preventing a crisis, than relishing the chance to save the day. To be sure, this description doesn’t fit every woman, as this could also apply to some of the industry’s best males, but so far, it doesn’t apply to enough of them.
What advice would you give to other women who want to start working in technology?


Don’t wait to be asked and don’t wait for the perfect job or fit. Just get in. Once in a technology field, you’ll find so many opportunities, many of which you won’t see or have until you’re in the field. Be bold and be aggressive.
Congratulations on your nomination, Cory. Everyone at Listen is very proud of you!

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