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Have you ever experienced your tour from the perspective of your guests? Are you sure it’s as exciting as you think it is? We’re here to tell you that there’s always room to improve. Should you be adding a story? Maybe using a prop? That’s a lot of questions, but really, how can you make your tour stand out? It’s time to treat your tour like a performance, but not a one-person show. Nothing will kill a good tour mood faster than a tour guide delivering a no-interruptions-allowed monologue. Each tour should be different because each participant will add their own flair to the experience. Adventure awaits with ListenTALK!

Tips for your next adventure with ListenTALK

When starting your tour, make sure each attendee is hooked up to a ListenTALK device. Nothing foils the tour experience more than a tour guide that can’t be heard.

Tell them a story. Good tour guides know the facts and retell them in a way that invokes excitement and involvement. Great tour guides will take you on an adventure through time and space.
Know your flow. The bulk of your tours will be the same day by day but allow yourself to cater to the adventurous souls of your participants. You’re allowed to spend more time engaging them with the things they’re interested in and breeze through other parts of the tour. Don’t fear the flow.
Set your script—then stray from it. The majority of your tours will follow the same script tour after tour but allow yourself to stray from the script. Take your time to create the tour narrative beforehand, then get to know your participants. When you allow your participants to engage in your storytelling, their questions and comments will help you personalize each tour.

Groups are more engaged when they can actually hear. You’ll be surprised that as each member of your group wears their own ListenTALK device, tour engagement will shoot through the roof. The back of your group will be just as enthralled with the adventure as the patrons in the front.

Taking your tour groups on an adventure will be more memorable than presenting them with a memorized monologue.

Now, go ahead. Take a risk. Tell a story. Adventure awaits with ListenTALK.

Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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