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Hear the roar of the crowd. Listen to the crack of the bat. Wait …is that the announcer trying to say something over the stadium noise?
When the University of Nevada, Las Vegas was designing and installing their new high-fidelity sound system, they wanted a completely integrated system for the entire stadium. Their requirements were specific: High volume intelligible sound with no feedback throughout the stadium; input sources of C.D., laptop MP3, cassette, two booth mics, a crowd mic, a field mic, and field line jack…….And it all had to work simultaneously with their assistive listening system (ALS).
Listen Technologies rack mounted LT-800 Stationary Transmitter and LR-400 Display Receivers fit the bill perfectly. With two lines of input, there was no problem integrating the ALS with the stadium sound system. And with 57 field programmable channels, set-up couldnít be easier. UNLV personnel simply scanned the frequency range to find a clear channel, and then locked the transmitter and receivers to that channel.
Maintaining the system is also simple because UNLV uses a Listen LA-311 16-slot Charging Case. Receivers are stored in the case between games. With Listen’s SmartCharge there is no guessing which units have to be charged or how long until they are done charging. Each unit receives the correct charge, and then charging is automatically shut off.
Ease of installation. Simplicity of use. Convenient maintenance. Once again, Listen ALS products hit a home run!
Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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