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Advanced ListenIR performs like no other infrared product on the market, experience clear, focused audio with no dropouts or dead zones.


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Infrared (IR) technology is used where amplified audio needs to be private (kept within the room). Courtrooms, Boardrooms, and adjacent classrooms are prime candidates for IR products. Historically, this technology has been expensive and limited to line of sight reception. With Listen Technologies engineering expertise, several patented design elements have been used to decrease costs and improve reception. IR transmitters and extension transmitters have a small profile and are unobtrusive in any environment. When combining a transmitter with extension transmitters, signal timing features eliminate delayed audio signals. Everyone hears the same message at the same time. IR Receivers were designed to be small, lightweight, and can be used with ear speakers, earbuds or neck loops. Let us help you design the right system for your venue.

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We deal in emergency situations. The Listen Digital IR system gives us the ability to monitor audio sources without audio disruption and its related confusion that is profound.

John Tommaney
Recovery Branch Chief, MA State Emergency Operations Center
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