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Thanksgiving is an important time of year for Listen Technologies. Each year we throw a Thanksgiving Feast to celebrate how thankful we are. We want to share our gratitude with all of you, as well. Thank you for all that you do to support Listen Technologies. We truly have a lot to be grateful for!

Here are some of our thoughts on what we’re grateful for this Thanksgiving

I am truly grateful for all of our veterans who have risked and given their lives so that we can all enjoy our freedom. –Russ Gentner, President and Co-Founder

I’m thankful that I work in an industry that still believes in relationships. It makes being in this business fun because you know if you ever have an issue of any kind, you can call upon those relationships and it will likely work out. Most people are fair and want the right thing. I’m very thankful for the many relationships I have that bring so much meaning to my life. –Cory Schaeffer, Vice President of Sales Worldwide and Co-Founder

I’m grateful for the sustaining of life of my parents and the start of life of two new grandchildren. –Keldon Paxman, Vice President of Operations

I know it’s cliché, but I am grateful for my friends and family. In particular, I am grateful for my friends that have become my family. I moved around a lot growing up and I think that is one of the reasons that I am very close with my family, even though we are all spread out all over the country. My parents are in Pittsburgh, my sister is in Atlanta, and my brothers are in Chicago—all cities that require a planned trip to see one another. Before we all got married, we used to do whatever it took to be together on Thanksgiving, so this holiday is filled with cherished memories of being with my family. I tend to get a little sentimental this time of year—not so much Christmas, but Thanksgiving makes me feel “homesick” for my family. That’s why I’m so grateful for my dear friends in Utah that have become my family by choice. We don’t have an annual tradition, but we find ways to be together on Thanksgiving and it certainly takes away my homesickness for my family and for that, I am grateful. –Kristin Rector, Director of Marketing Services

I am so very grateful to have been married to the same, wonderful man for 40 years and to have two beautiful daughters. –Kathy Moore, Credit Manager

I’m grateful I have a healthy and happy family, good people to surround myself with, and to work for stable company that legitimately cares about its employees. And for Mountain Dew®. — Kevin Jewkes, Sales Operations Coordinator

As a newer member of Listen Technologies, this marks my very first Thanksgiving being with the company. This year I’m finding myself incredibly grateful to have found Listen. Not only do I get to do what I love, but I’m surrounded by a group of passionate, intelligent, talented, and generous people. As I reflect on all that I’m blessed with, my new family at Listen and the opportunities that are to come rank high on the list. I’m also grateful for the many amazing family members and friends I have in my life. I’m a lucky girl! –Hayley Heaton, Copywriter

I’m grateful for family, past and present, my wonderful wife and the many great friends I have at Listen. I’m also grateful to live in the land of the Free, where our imagination and dreams can become a reality. And I’m grateful for those who served and died to protect our freedom. –Korey Curtis

I’m grateful for my family and for good health. I’m also thankful for the opportunity to be part of the Listen team, helping to make a real difference to people who need the phenomenal products that we sell. –Joel Motel, Regional Sales Manager

This season our family has been adding a leaf to a “Thankful Tree” each day of November. Here are a few of my submissions: sports, pie, power tools, freedom, Callie (my wife-mother-superhero), family traditions, Tesla’s smiles (my daughter), our house, silly dances, finished home projects, movie nights, fantasy basketball, and Listen Technologies! –Carl Brewer, Systems Engineer

It’s so easy to put things before people and spend our days wishing we had more stuff. But it’s the people that really matter. I am a better person, because of each individual that touches my life. I’m grateful for a husband who supports me, kids who make me laugh, coworkers who get me, a close family who is always there for me, and friends who inspire me. Thank you! –Carrie Keele, Marketing Services Associate

I’m thankful for a move from Florida that brought my wife and I to Utah (now over one year ago) and I love working for a company that not only has a passion for audio, but also a heart for proving a solution to people who have hearing loss. I’m grateful in finding a great house, a church, and friends to make this journey truly feel like home! –Michael R. Griffitt, Product Marketing Specialist

My grandson Charlie was born two and a half months early on August 15th of this year weighing only two pounds and 11 ounces. Our lithe prince is now six and a half pounds, three months old, and as healthy as can be. Everyone here at Listen was pulling for him from the day he was born. My family is so blessed and no I have two grandsons to love and spoil. What more could I ask for? –Rita Merlo, Outbound Sales Consultant

I am extremely thankful for my family. The best part of a workday is when I return home to be with them and the best part of a weekend day is knowing that I will get to spend hours and hours with them. I am also thankful for our country and the incredible opportunities that we have because we live here. Nearly every other specific that that I could mention that I am thankful for can be attributed directly to living in a Rocky Mountain State in the western USA. –Ryan Paxman, Materials Specialist

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebration in our country focused on the emotion of GRATITUDE. Its roots come from the celebration of a small group of colonizers, Pilgrims, who organized a feast of thanksgiving in gratitude for the blessings they took the time to see present in their meager circumstance. For me the key of a joy filled life is GRATITUDE! To be grateful in all things brings personal happiness. To acknowledge this gratitude outwardly through our works, actions, and deeds shares the joy and creates a ripple that spreads through humanity.

I get to share with each of you my gratitude for the opportunity to work in a great environment. It is great, because of the people who are here and dedicate their time, talents, and efforts to serving each other and the customers Listen has developed. It is your individual dedication and personality that creates my incredible experience at Listen. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving. –Brooks Gibbs, Conferencing Product Marketing Specialist

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