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Each year AV professionals celebrate the AV industry during a week in October known as AV Week. Audio Visual is a fun and exciting industry and AV products enhance the experience in many venues.

Recently I was in Thousand Oaks California and had the pleasure of seeing Mikhail Gorbachev speak. My husband and I had seats that were a bit off to the side of the stage and Mr. Gorbachev spoke for over an hour in Russian. We focused on the interpretation through the theater sound system and watched him close up over the large projection system. I was impressed with his compassion and his willingness to share his regrets with all of us in an effort to help us learn from his experiences. With the close up view of him and the carefully selected “words” as he spoke I was so inspired by him.   I could feel and see his passion. None of this would have been possible without the power of Audio Visual products. AV allowed me to experience this speech in my own language and it allowed me to really see his expressions as he spoke so that I could feel his emotion. I was seeing and feeling his emotion this made the night an experience that I will never forget.
Each of us has had an experience enhanced by the power of AV; a night at the theater, attending a game, a graduation or wedding.   Often we don’t notice the experience until we attend an event where there is no AV.

This year, AV Week will be celebrated around the world October 17-23. Led by the industry association InfoComm International members organize a variety of activities to:
  • Call attention to the AV industry
  • Raise awareness for the breadth of AV applications at home, in business, government, education, healthcare and more
  • Be recognized as a high technology industry with exciting growth prospects
  • Address the issues we face such as hiring qualified workers, maintaining our own high standards through on-going training and certification, and competing in today’s environment with tighter profit margins
hale-center-theater-tourbyu-museum-tourOne of the great things about having this focused week at Listen Technologies is that it is a reminder that we have many employees that work day in and day out without ever seeing their final product in use. The products that they work on end up in some incredible venues and are used by millions. As a part of AV Week Listen always works to arrange to tour a local venue that uses Listen products as well as other AV equipment. This gives many within Listen the gratification of a final product that they don’t often see.   It’s so rewarding and it reinforces how fun it is to work in this industry.   These products change and enhance the experience of many who visit these venues and its fun to see them this up close and personal.

Visit www.avweek.org for more information about AV Week and our industry.

Stay tuned for more information on what Listen Technologies has planned to celebrate this important week.   If you have ideas for us please comment to this post! We welcome your input.

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