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Have you ever had a need for audio in an area of your church, but have no solutions on how to get it there? Do your patrons complain that the current audio system is unintelligible or too quiet? How have you maximized the experience of your congregants who do not speak the language of the sermon? Our worship houses are growing larger and becoming more complex. Many have audio needs in preexisting buildings where wiring cannot be run. Here are some great ideas about how to use wireless FM audio to meet your congregation’s needs.


Assistive Listening
Houses of worship regularly use FM wireless auditory assistance systems for the hearing impaired. What is an assistive listening system? Any method to get a sound system or voice audio directly to the ear of a hearing-impaired individual.  An FM system will broadcast the signal much like a radio station with electromagnetic waves. As with a radio station, any FM receiver that is tuned into the nearby frequency will receive the message.
Advantages of an FM system include:
  • Low installation and maintenance costs
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Wide broadcast area (no line of sight issues)
  • Will work indoors and out
  • Allow for multiple channels to be used simultaneously and can be used in fixed and portable applications
  • As many receivers as needed
Typically in a house of worship, a stationary base transmitter is used to broadcast the audio from the main sound system to hearing impaired individuals wearing body-pack receivers.
The advantages of FM Systems offer many other benefits for houses of worship using the same RF Systems. The goal of this article is to inform you of these expanded applications with a hope that they may help your house of worship to be a more compelling establishment for the public to attend.
Language Interpretation

As the communities become more culturally diverse, so does the need for simultaneous language interpretation in houses of worship. This saves time by integrating the church services and the congregation in cases in which they have been previously separated.

One example is Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, CA. The church has a congregation of 6,000 and used to have three separate services. Now interpreters provide real-time simultaneous language interpretation in Arabic, Spanish and other languages, with one channel dedicated to assistive listening. Worship services are now more fully integrated, as is their church, which is deeply satisfying to them all.

Remote Monitoring/Wireless Audio Distribution
A self-powered speaker with a built-in receiver picks up the broadcast and the service can be heard in the remote room. There is also a stationary receiver/power amplifier available.
Here are a few applications using wireless audio distribution:
  • Nursery / Cry-room
  • Foyers, the front of a church, or parking lot
  • Office
  • Restrooms
  • Choir, ministry or theatrical dressing room cueing
  • Overflow area (for special events)
  • Remote/detached buildings and other rooms
Tour Group
Touring the facility has become very popular for many houses of worship. Often, visitors from the same faith or other faiths want to see the beautiful architecture of the building. Many buildings are so large and vast that the group has a very difficult time hearing the guide. Using a tour group system, the group can now hear the leader. What a great way to show off the architecture of your beautiful building!
Here are a few ideas that can incorporate the use of a portable FM system:
  • Tours of the facility
  • Location tours
  • Mission tours
  • Youth group tours
  • Tours requiring language interpretation
  • Wireless audio feed for videotaping of tour

Summary of Applications
So, I have given you many situations where wireless FM can be a great solution. Please take a look around your facility and look for opportunities where the audio structure may be needed.
Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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