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Nordstrom’s customer service is legendary. You’ve probably heard stories about how well the company cares for customers, or have your own personal experience. From tales of sales associates pointing customers to competitors, accepting returns that obviously didn’t come from Nordstrom, and allowing customers to trade out used items for brand-new ones—Nordstrom has cornered the market on platinum-level customer service.

Why has the company decided that five-star customer service is its goal, and why does Listen Technologies share that mission?

It keeps customers coming back

Sometimes the best customer service seems counter-intuitive. For example, a customer was looking for a specific shoe and called her local Nordstrom to see if the store had it because she wanted to try it on before buying. The sales associate informed her that Nordstrom only had that shoe online, but Dillard’s—a competitor—had it in stores.

At first glance, it seems that Nordstrom lost a customer because the sales associate pointed her at another store. The opposite is true, though. The company understands how frustrating bad service can be for customers. Nordstrom was true to its values, putting the customer’s needs above its own. In its own mission statement, the company says since 1901 it has been “committed to providing our customers with the best possible service—and to improving it every day.” Customers recognize the value of that service, and it keeps them returning year after year.

Poorly treated customers don’t return

When businesses treat a customer poorly and fail to live up to basic expectations, they lose clients. During a recent trip, one of our executives checked into a hotel late at night after a long day of travel. She expected the room to have at least a basic level of cleanliness. Instead, there was toothpaste in the sink, pizza remnants on the ironing board and other dirty items around the room. She couldn’t find another hotel room in the middle of the night, but as soon as the sun came up, she checked out. She found another hotel in the city that met her expectations for cleanliness.

In the age of online reviews, if companies want to stay in business, they can’t afford to leave customers with staggeringly bad experiences.

Why we value customer service

At Listen Technologies, customer service is one of our core values. We regularly hear about our team going above and beyond customers’ expectations. Our teams strive to show our commitment to customers through our actions, not simply by posting them on a plaque or website.

Customer service in practice

Trust is a big part of customer service. Our clients know they can trust us to deliver products when we say we will. That’s because keeping the promise of expected ship dates is vital to us. We also regularly fulfill urgent orders after regular hours, because we understand how frustrating it can be when you need a product or are in danger of missing a deadline. If it’s physically possible to accommodate an urgent request, then we’ll do it.

Recently, a customer realized the day before an install that they needed different antennas. It was after business hours, so it was too late to get an official purchase order to us. Instead of telling the customer they were out of luck, our fulfillment team decided to deliver five-star service. We processed the order as a UPS next-day air shipment. Then our team met the local UPS driver on his route to ensure the antennas got to their destination. The product arrived the next morning.

We even include M&Ms in all our orders—because who doesn’t LOVE M&M’s? It is one gesture to let our customers know how much we appreciate them.

Giving customers five-star service makes them loyal to your company. That’s true whether you’re a retail giant like Nordstrom or an assistive technology company like Listen Technologies. The opposite also is true—bad service causes you to lose customers. That’s one of the many reasons we value the customer experience.

We’ve been doing business with the most sought-after venues for more than 20 years because we believe everyone deserves to hear the same great experience. If you’re ready to ensure all of your guests can hear and engage, talk to us! Tell us your story so we can come up with the right plan so you can start enabling your guests. Contact us at (800) 330-0891 or go to listentech.com to see all the ways we can help you improve your business.

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