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Greetings all, this is Frank Frombach. Some of you may remember me in the past. I had the opportunity to be a part of the Listen team for five years as National Product Specialist. I have been graciously invited by Russell Gentner to make a special guest blog appearance to share my experiences regarding three product applications that are being used in the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

The new Cowboys Stadium ended up being a $1 Billion + project. With up to 100K crowd capacity (staying true to everything is big in Texas), it is currently what many refer to as by far the largest, AV advanced sports and entertainment locale on the earth. In addition to largest retractable roof and end zone doors, Guinness World Records recently awarded DCS the record of largest video display.

AV Consultant for the project was WJHW with Senior Consultant Kevin Day as the lead. The dealers involved were Pro Media / Ultrasound (prime integrator), LANTEK Communications and Admiral A/V (cable subcontractors).

Listen Technologies was specified for the public auditory assistance system and a cueing / information monitoring system for the press (IEM). Along with quantities of the LR-400-216 receivers, ear-speakers, neck-loops and ADA compliance signs, two LT-800-216 are utilized for simultaneous transmitted channels. While the primary function of the secondary channel during sport events is for relaying statistics and press information, it may also be used during special events for language interpretation.

Ultra-cool Listen Sales rep insight factor- This setup is probably being used in your own local major sports venue. Next time you visit, ASK for an ALS receiver, there’s no shame you’re likely to be a hearing impaired audio rep! If it’s not a Listen receiver report it immediately, if it is an LR-400-216, open it up. Press seek and find the secondary channel for the press. You will be amazed at what you hear, just Listen.

Listen and SurgeX at Cowboys Stadium

SurgeX was specified for surge elimination and power conditioning for the main racks, FOH racks, and every remote rack location protecting the sensitive DSP, hubs and other peripheral equipment. A total of 44 SurgeX SX1120-RT were used throughout the venue. Everything else is a TVSS surge suppressor, SurgeX is the only complete surge eliminator, 0 voltage let through on worst case surge of 6000Volts, 3000amps. Projects like this have to have the very best.

TASCAM was specified for the FOH for music playback, recorded announcements, etc. Two CD Players, one CD recorder and four tuners are used in the stadium. CD Player and recorder at FOH, the tuners are used for the various lounges, boxes that have the option of selecting a radio station. I specifically remember this application because at the time of the install design Kevin Day asked me about the possibilities of a dual AM/FM RDS tuner, of which I did pass on to R&D.

I’m proud to say that the three companies listed I currently work for and have worked for in the past. Great to see products from all three successfully used in the biggest and best AV installations in the world. It’s an honor to be associated with the best, while everything else is the rest! Thank you Russ for the invitation, it has been my pleasure to have this blogging opportunity.

Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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