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I knew that Global Equipment Network, Inc. had the perfect solution when producers of the “Say Yes To The Dress” show on the TLC network approached me about providing an audio solution for a viewing party of The Royal Wedding in Times Square.

What’s the issue?
Producers were at a loss as to how they were going to overcome the New York City noise ordinance of no public address systems before 9:00 am. Not a good situation with the wedding festivities happening at 5:00 am.
I knew that I could provide an individual listening experience to guests of the TLC event without breaching the noise ordinance. The producers were a little skeptical, especially with the need to provide a solution to 2,000 guests. But I was confident. I knew that not only could I deliver the solution for 2,000 people but that they would have a full enriching listening experience.
TLC delivered the live Royal Wedding broadcast from London onto all the large LED panels in Times Square. No matter where you looked in Times Square, you could see the broadcast of the wedding. During commercials “Say Yes To The Dress” host Randy Fenoli provided commentary about the event. This too was broadcast onto the large LED panels.
I took the broadcast feed and connected it to a Listen Technologies LT-800 Stationary FM Transmitter. Using an LA-126 Antenna Kit the audio signal was transmitted to a mix of Listen LR-400 and LR-500 Portable Receivers being used by the viewing party guests to listen to the event. The production company provided 2,000 inexpensive double earbuds that the guests could either keep or dispose of.
Everyone involved, including TLC, was just ecstatic with the quality of the audio and our ability to provide a solution for 2,000 guests. It was an incredible event to witness.  There was something surreal about a fully captivated crowd gazing up at the giant screens in Times Square but not hearing any sound. And then, when the crowd went wild when the vows were exchanged, I knew they were hearing everything that was broadcast.
Emotions ran high during the viewing party prompting a spontaneous proposal by one guest and following the event three couples got married.
I admit that I was both exhausted and exhilarated after the event, but it was a privilege to be a part of creating such a special experience for those 2,000 guests.
Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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