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As the leading manufacturer of assistive listening and tour audio products, Listen Technologies understands that your patrons’ health and safety is your top priority—and that makes it our top priority as well. That’s why our products are easy to sanitize and disinfect.

Sanitizing and disinfecting all assistive listening and tour equipment after each use is an integral part of providing an exceptional experience for your guests. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces every day with EPA-registered disinfectants.

We offer disinfecting wipes, which are effective in killing viruses and other harmful bacteria.

Disinfect your devices with Listen Technologies' disinfecting wipes.

What’s in the wipes?

Our water-based cleaning agent is safe for use on plastics, laminates, metals, plexiglass screens, and rubber surfaces, which means they’re safe to use to disinfect your assistive listening devices. There’s no bleach or alcohol in the wipes. An independent lab has tested and approved the wipes for use with our products, including transceivers, receivers, single earbuds, ear speakers, headphones, neck loop lanyards, and more.

They’re a full-spectrum EPA registered disinfectant, and more effective than using sprays and towels. The wipes kill 99.9 percent of bacteria on surfaces when used as directed.

How do I use them to disinfect devices?

Our disinfecting wipes are like other cleaning wipes on the market. Disinfect your devices by simply wiping down the equipment, and ensure it remains wet for at least four minutes. After that, your equipment is clean and ready for your next guest.

Can I use other cleaning products to disinfect my Listen Technologies Devices?

Please be aware that you can use other alcohol or bleach-based disinfectants effectively. However, they may damage casings, screens, and labeling on our products. We recommend a patch test when using another cleaning agent on our products. Also, most disinfectant products require objects and surfaces to remain wet for a minimum time to effectively kill viruses and bacteria. That wait time is generally 4 to 6 minutes and up to 10 minutes for natural-based cleaners.

No matter which disinfectant you use, it is crucial that you follow the instructions for disinfection specific to that product and train staff on these best practices. Review the Listen Technologies disinfecting wipes efficacy sheet for more information and disinfect your devices.

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