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What is an Assistive Listening System (ALS)?

An assistive listening system (also known as assisted listening) is a wireless system that includes transmitters and receivers, to improve the experience for those with hearing loss, sending the audio direct to headphones, hearing aid, or cochlear implant, without amplifying ambient noise.

Required Components of an Assistive Listening System (ALS)?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all public spaces where audio is integral to the use of the space must provide an assistive listening system to accommodate those with hearing loss.

Graphic with four circles - each circle has an icon that represents, 1-Transmitter, 2-Receiver (based on seating capacity) 3-Neck loops (based on seating capacity) and 4-Signage

Questions to Ask Your Customers

  • What are you currently using for assistive listening?
  • What is the seating capacity of the room(s) or space(s)?
  • Do you have a preferred technology?
  • Are you looking at something installed or portable?
  • Does the audio need to be private or secure?
  • Does the customer want to be able to utilize Smartphones or BYOD?

Comparing Technologies

ListenRF uses radio frequency to transmit audio directly to a receiver without amplifying ambient noise for superior speech intelligibility. Audio sources are connected to a transmitter and guests use receivers to tune into a specific channel. Listen Technologies is the only manufacturer to offer radio frequency assistive listening systems in both the 72 MHz and 216 MHz frequencies. Systems using the 216 MHz frequency offer a larger coverage area for larger venues like arenas and stadiums. Applications range from college campuses to museums, anywhere you broadcast audio to a group.

ListenTALK is a portable assistive listening system. The transceiver (a combination of transmitter and receiver) is worn with a headset and mic by the speaker and the listener can use either a transceiver or just a receiver to hear the audio.

Listen EVERYWHERE is an audio-over-Wi-Fi assistive listening system solution. Listen EVERYWHERE streams audio over a Wi-Fi network. Guests use an app on their smartphones to access the channel of their choice. Ideal for any venue looking for a cost-effective way to provide audio to a large group.

ListenIR uses infrared technology to transmit audio within a room. Infrared assistive listening systems provide line-of-sight security. By transmitting audio to anyone with a receiver in the line-of-sight of the emitter, ListenIR assistive listening systems are most often used in courtrooms, medical settings, or for organizations where security is essential.

System Recommendations

Graphic highlighting different assistive listening systems including ListenRF systems LS-30 and LS-55, ListenIR system LS-90, Listen EVERYWHERE LWS-10, and the ListenTALK LKS-8 for portable assistive listening.
*For areas with a larger seating capacity, use the Listen Technologies ADA calculator or reference the following chart to add receivers and neck loops.

Assistive Listening Systems Requirements Based on Seating Capacity

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires a certain number of receivers and neck loops based on the seating capacity of the space. The following chart outlines the requirements for meeting ADA compliance for assistive listening systems and supplying the number of receivers and neck loops based on the seating capacity of the space.

Table with three columns - 1-Assembly Area Seating Capacity 2-Minimum Number of Required Receivers, 3-Minimum Number of Receivers that are Hearing Aid Compatible (neck loops). Each column provides the number of seating capacity and how many receivers and neck loops are required for a compliant assistive listening system.

If you need any assistance selecting the right system, we can deliver quick recommendations. Call us today at 801.233.8992. You can also chat with us (look for the chat box in the bottom right-hand of the website) or email [email protected].


Assistive Listening Systems


Accessibility Calculator

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Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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