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Since the introduction of Navilution Evo earlier this year, sightseeing operators are uploading language statistics to the cloud, revealing multi-language trends from the languages they service.

We’re excited to see the industry’s first cloud-based GPS multilingual commentary systems analytics solution offering sightseeing operators data on languages listened to, and when. The Navilution solution is empowering users to collect and view passenger data without having to rely on an IT team to make it happen.

In Europe, English continues to be the “world language” for travellers, and while it’s not the official language, it’s currently the language most taught as a second foreign language. It’s not surprising that English continues to be a high-volume language choice for travellers on double-decker buses and boats. However, passenger usage statistics are creating new insights from listening audiences.

One of the critical takeaways our customers are seeing is not in the high volume usage of GPS tour commentary, but instead, the data collected for low-volume usage.

Some low volume usage conflicts with what sightseeing operators thought to be true. A recent customer was sure one of their top five international markets were Japanese tourists. However, as it relates to usage, they were the organization’s smallest group of customers. Their top five languages are English, German, European Spanish, Dutch and European French.

Trends for Multilingual Systems

The data revealed that the sightseeing company could begin to address the Japanese market with targeted sales and marketing initiatives, bolstering Japanese ridership.

While it’s still too early to make assumptions about ridership trends, country-specific, cloud-based statistics are opening new doors for sightseeing operators to evaluate and monitor the success of their sales and marketing initiatives over time. And while GPS multilingual commentary systems analytics are new for most sightseeing organizations, the data is revealing new ways for organizations to capitalize on the “time of day” usage as well.

At one customer site, peak usage for the European French market occurs between 9 am and 1 pm, with passenger usage relatively flat in the afternoon over a 60-day period. The first question the tour operator asked is why? These insights and others are providing sightseeing operators with new information, uncovering hidden opportunities and improving sales and marketing decision making.

If you’re interested in learning more about GPS multilingual commentary system cloud-based analytics, we’re happy to help. Call us at 613-507-1300 or Contact AudioConexus to learn more about Passenger Usage Statistics.

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