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This is the second post in a series from Listen Technologies channel partner Halvard Eriksen. Halvard describes the impact of his hearing loss on his family and colleagues.

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The Impact of My Hearing Loss

At home, my family has experienced my hearing loss more than I have. If there is too much background noise, like a vacuum or one of the kids playing music, I can’t hear what is said. Sometimes it comes in handy. I also have “selective hearing” when asked to do something I do not have the desire or energy to do. My wife jokes that she turns on the vacuum cleaner if she does not want me to hear something. Joking aside, it is a burden for my family, colleagues, and for myself that my hearing fails. It can affect my mood and sense of humor.

Research now also points to a clear connection between hearing loss and the development of dementia. This is not good news for those of us who have not taken the necessary precautions to preserve and protect our hearing. It has been estimated that over 1 million Norwegians are affected by hearing loss. I am one of them.

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