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It’s the season of snow flurries, ice skating, gifts, and family. A season to come together as friends and family. At Listen, our team has created numerous traditions. This includes a holiday potluck, cheeseball making competitions, and the executive breakfast. This is where the executive team puts on aprons and makes breakfast for the entire company!

We asked our Listen Employees to share some of their favorite holiday traditions. This is what some of them had to say:

“One of my favorite Christmas traditions is helping others. I am beyond blessed with a supportive family and more than I could ever hope for, I know there are so many families that don’t have anywhere to turn in times of need, even for basic necessities. We choose a family each year and buy groceries and a few ‘wanted’ items that are delivered on Christmas Eve, which is incredibly rewarding.”

“Driving around the valley to find Christmas lights & watching Christmas Movies, especially National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.”

“Harry Potter Marathon Every Christmas!”

“Staying downtown at the Grand America for the weekend before Christmas with my family. Then we go ice skating, to the lights, and opening Christmas Pj’s at the hotel.”

“Time with my family, hands down. I’ve never understood the animosity towards kids being out of school for two weeks. I love having my children home for two weeks. The magic of the holidays in a child is unparalleled. Whether it’s taking the kids to the mountains to cut down a tree, the decorating, cooking, sharing holiday cheer with family and friends – it’s a time for memories to be made.”

“Overnight bubble bread on Christmas morning, caroling to neighbors in the cold, finding the coolest holiday lights (have you seen our very own Guy’s awesome display?)”

“Unwrapping one gift on Christmas Eve.”

“Watching Christmas Vacation with the family.”

We wish all a Happy Holiday Season.

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