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If you’re searching for a way to differentiate yourself from your competition, consider offering an inclusive audio tour experience for families. Most tour operators have become so focused on adding audio tour hardware, they haven’t even considered a large portion of the tourism market; what about the kids?

Most parents want to find experiences their whole family can enjoy and participate in. High quality audio tours can truly be an amazing experience for adults, but unfortunately, when kids are exposed to the same tour, they get bored out of their minds. For the children, the adult tour is just another experience their parents will enjoy while the kids become increasingly restless. Once this scenario develops, kids will be looking to entertain themselves, and become a distraction to their parents, as well as other tour takers.

Since it is difficult to create an audio commentary to fit all ages, some keen tour operators are now designing audio tours specifically for kids. This is a wise approach, as it opens your tours to the whole family, not just adults.

Sightseeing Companies Offering Kids Tours See Lift in Ticket Sales

If you’re not addressing the fact that many people travel with their kids, you’re creating an environment that turns people away from your business. Before investing in producing children’s tours, consider a child’s perspective when experiencing your tour.

  1. Observe people on your tour; are children getting distracted and restless or are they engaged?
  2. Is your tour interesting and attention grabbing, or overwhelming people with facts?
  3. When writing and producing your new tour, find a way to tell your stories in engaging ways, whether that be with music, sound effects, voice talents, or all three.

TIP: With kids tours, you need to focus on fun stories. Avoid a history lecture.

Now you may have come to the conclusion that your sightseeing or tour business could greatly benefit from the creation of a kids tour, but you’re unsure of how to implement it. Here at AudioConexus, we have two great options for delivering your tours.

  • Using our GPS Multimedia Solution: Both parents and their children can take the same tour together, with children having their own dedicated kids’ tour channel, allowing the whole family to participate in the fun.
  • Audio Guides: This system can be set up to offer an audio tour specific to children with content stored in dedicated folders; adults can take an identical tour with their own Audio Guide utilizing the regular adult content channels while they escort their children through the museum or other location.

Broaden Your Market Appeal. Increase Ticket Sales.

In these challenging economic times, broadening your market appeal to families with kids will further differentiate your sightseeing business. By introducing kids’ tours to your sightseeing or tourism business, you’re making the great experiences you offer more accessible and inclusive to families who want to learn more or see the sights. Not only does it provide an inclusive experience for families, but it will set you apart from your competition! We’ve seen sightseeing companies realize new business and a lift in revenue when catering to the whole family, not just adults.

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