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We’re counting down the days to InfoComm! We’ll be showcasing our award-winning products in Booth 6153. There, we’ll have our experts ready to hear about your business needs. So whether you’re looking for an assistive listening system or tech to create superior listening experiences, come see how we can help you.

Here’s what you can expect from Listen Technologies at InfoComm 2019:

Our award-winning ListenTALK system is the simplest, most reliable and flexible two-way wireless communication tool available. It ensures all guests can hear and engage, with hands-free functionality. It’s also wireless and completely portable, and your users can choose a headset or personal smartphone earbuds. In addition, it features simple push-to-talk communication, between the tour leader and guests, and guests and the tour leader.


Listen EVERYWHERE ensures none of your guests miss out because everyone deserves to hear the same great experience. It gives users high-quality audio delivered via free apps on iOS and Android devices. Listen EVERYWHERE features simple plug-and-play installation with no lip sync issues. It uses an existing Wi-Fi network and includes a customizable app experience, with custom channel labels, and links to events, the weekly program, hymnal, and more.

Using an electromagnetic field, ListenLOOP delivers clear sound to people with hearing loss, all without distracting background noise, distortions or vibrations. Because we’re the leader in hearing loop technology, our customers include CapitalOne to Bank of America, the National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders to All Saints Church.

ListenIR delivers high-quality audio, with twice the power and coverage of other receivers. In this system, infrared light waves—like in TV remotes—transmit sound. This signal can’t pass through walls or be received outside of a specific area, so it’s ideal in spaces where a secure audio signal is necessary.

We offer two options for radio-frequency-based systems. With our 72 MHz system, you’ll get a range of up to 1,000 feet, so it’s ideal for churches, performing arts centers, theaters, and more. We also have a 216 MHz system, with high-quality transmitters and receivers. The 216 MHz system is ideal for places where a larger RF signal is necessary, like at convention centers and stadiums.

Our Marketing Director and Director of Global Sales sat down with Katye Bennett to talk about what to expect at InfoComm this year as well, so click here to hear the podcast!

So stop by Booth 6153 at InfoComm to see everything Listen Technologies has to offer your guests. We’d love to help you become a sought-after venue in your industry. In the meantime, if you have any questions, check out our website and contact us if you have any questions.

Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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