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Is Auracast™ broadcast audio a possibility for Onboard Public Transport Assistive Listening?

Effective communication is crucial in today’s fast-paced world, especially in acoustically challenging environments like public transportation. For individuals with hearing loss, these environments pose significant difficulties. Traditional assistive listening systems (ALS) like hearing loops have long provided valuable support. These systems are well-established and widely supported, particularly in public transportation settings, benefiting many hearing aid users with telecoil-enabled devices.

Breaking Barriers with Auracast™ Broadcast Audio

Auracast™ introduces a new standard for Bluetooth® Low Energy Audio, capable of broadcasting to unlimited Auracast™ compatible devices, including hearing aids, earbuds, and smartphones. This advancement promises to revolutionize assistive listening by offering easier and more cost-effective deployment, superior audio quality, enhanced privacy, and greater accessibility.

Jon Hoskin, Business Development Manager at Ampetronic, highlights the advantages: “Using a familiar, proven technology ubiquitous in most consumer audio devices will provide broader deployment and increased availability of ALS for people with hearing loss.”

Auri™ – The First Auracast™ Assistive Listening System in Public Transportation

Auri™, developed by Listen Technologies and Ampetronic, is the first comprehensive solution enabling venues and users to adopt Auracast™ broadcast audio technology. Although still early in its adoption, Auri™ includes dedicated receivers to bridge the gap in assistive listening environments, preparing for future passenger devices.

To implement Auri™ in public transportation, robust specifications must be created, considering safety, vibration, and fire safety standards. Additionally, Auri™ can send data alongside audio, providing potential for transmitting textual information to passengers’ mobile devices.

Credit: Original content by Jon Hoskin, Business Development Manager at Ampetronic.

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