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Are you using the right tour guide system? We understand you want to be the leisure tour of choice in your area. That means you need your guests to hear and engage throughout their visit because you don’t want them to feel like they’re missing out. How can you do that, though?

The answer is ListenTALK, an intuitive tour guide system from a company with decades of experience that will help you transform your business into a sought-after destination. Here are five ways ListenTALK will help you revolutionize your leisure tour business:

It’s Simple

The most challenging part of using ListenTALK is pushing a button. Seriously.

To get started, simply put the transceivers or receivers in the docking station. They’ll charge up and be ready to go when you are. Next, as you’re getting your tour group ready, insert the red leader clip into your unit. That puts you in control. Put the lanyard around your neck or attach the unit with the provided belt clip. Then distribute your units and headsets, and show the group how to use them—all they have to do to communicate is push a button. Now you’re ready to go!

It Has Superior Sound Quality

ListenTALK uses the less crowded 1.9 GHz frequency, so it’s basically static- and interference-free. It also has an incredibly sensitive internal mic, so there’s no need to hold it up to your mouth while you’re speaking. Combine the 1.9 GHz frequency with the mic, and you’ll deliver crystal-clear sound to everyone in your tour group—because everyone deserves to hear the same great experience.

It’s Secure

Are you relaying sensitive information during your tours? Or do you need to ensure your competitors won’t copy your tour scripts? Our tour guide system is encrypted for privacy, so you’ll never have to worry about another device or system picking up your voice.

Tour Guide System to Impress Guests and VIPs

Once your tour guests try ListenTALK, they’ll never be happy with another tour guide system. It’s small and lightweight, comfortable to wear, simple to use, and it delivers the superior sound quality they won’t find anywhere else. They’ll hear clearly and engage throughout their tour or visit, ensuring they don’t miss anything. Plus, they can use a headset provided by you or choose their own iOS or Android earbuds.

It’s a Scalable Tour Guide System

When you’re ready to adopt ListenTALK, you don’t have to start with a massive number of units. You can choose the number that’s right for you, and as your business grows, add more units. The only group size limitation with this tour guide system is the number of units you own.

ListenTALK is the tour guide system that will help you transform into the leisure tour business of choice in your area. It’s a simple, secure, impressive and scalable tour guide system that delivers superior sound quality. Whether you’re doing tours in art museums, on buses or walking around the mountains or big cities, ListenTALK ensures your guests can hear and engage. Are you ready for a free 30-day demo? Talk to us—tell us your story so we can come up with the right configuration to enable your guests. Just go to ListenTALK.com and get started today!

Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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