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“That is what keeps us different from the others. You are not just a number. We know you by name. We want to keep that family-style atmosphere.” – Mario Poulin, Owner/President

Rockland Travel is a travel agency that began in 1979. Mario Poulin, the owner and President of Rockland Travel has been running the organization for the past 28 years with the same love and devotion as its founder.

A Commitment to 5-Star Service

The company maintains a high standard of service by providing unique tour experiences with local guides and tour bus companies in destinations around the world, focusing on 5-star service throughout the entire customer journey.

Rockland Travel organizes over 100 trips a year and has a unique approach to how they run. Due to their market and location, it’s imperative that Poulin continuously diversifies his trip offerings to keep things fresh for new and repeat customers alike.

The company’s team is committed to excellence by creating meaningful tour experiences that make people happy.

“Our level of service is fundamental. That’s what we are known for – fanatical personalized service; our customers know me by name, and they know my wife dog’s name! […] they are part of our larger family, and that’s important to us,” says Poulin.

Overcoming the Challenges of Larger Tour Groups

As Rockland Travel grew, it began to contend with the challenges of larger tour group sizes on walking tours. Larger groups meant the company was compromising on Quality of Experience. With group sizes of over 30 people, customers were getting frustrated because they couldn’t hear what tour guides were saying unless they were right up close. Rockland Travel found that if people couldn’t understand correctly, they tended to give up on trying to listen. Tour groups became distracted – often beginning to talk amongst themselves.

Moreover, each new location offered different challenges, where some tour guides didn’t project their voice as well as others. Tour groups had issues with hearing guides on city tours, the noises of the city’s daily hustle and bustle only added to people’s frustration.

HearMe Tour Guide Systems Deliver Better Tours

This year, Rockland Travel decided to reach out to us, referred to us by one of our customers. After understanding the company’s problems and what they needed to solve, Rockland Travel chose HearMe Tour Guide Systems for better communication between guides and tour groups so that their customers could hear tour commentary without any noisy distractions.

One of the added benefits Rockland Travel discovered is the user-friendliness of the system, which allows any tour guide to pick up the tour guide solution and use it without much instruction. Rockland Travel passes the tour guide equipment to touring guides in many parts of the world. Poulin says “People really like it! And it’s effortless to use.”

The HearMe tour guide system ensures that Rockland Travel can deliver on their brand promise of providing 5-star tour experiences. Poulin can support high-quality tours for larger groups without compromising on the quality of experience.

Additionally, Rockland Travel says tour guides around the world have an easier time of keeping tabs on people in their groups. Tour guides use the extended wireless range of the tour guide systems to communicate with participants, directing them to their locations at all times.

HearMe has created higher guest satisfaction ratings, provided tour guides and groups with better sightseeing tours, and enhanced the brand value that Rockland Travel delivers on every trip.

Thank you Rockland Travel!

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