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Are you aware of the recent changes to the ADA Standards as it relates to assistive listening devices? I can appreciate how that the guidelines can be complex to navigate and understand.

I am hoping this short video helps you understand the main changes around assistive listening requirements.

In addition to this video, Listen Technologies has several resources to help you understand the requirements of the new standards. This table is taken from Section 706 Assistive Listening Systems of the 2010 ADA Standards and provides an overview of the number of receivers required based on the seating capacity. It also shows how many receivers must be hearing-aid compatible.

Table 219.3 Receivers for Assistive Listening Systems


Capacity of Seating
in Assembly Area
Minimum Number of
Required Receivers
Contact Listen for a customized quote to accommodate the area
Minimum Number of
Required Receivers Required
to be Hearing-aid Compatible
(using Listen LA-166)
50 or less
51 to 200
2, plus 1 per 25 seats
over 50 seats*
201 to 500
2, plus 1 per 25 seats
over 50 seats*
1 per 4 receivers*
501 to 1000
20, plus 1 per 33 seats
over 500 seats*
1 per 4 receivers*
1001 to 2000
35, plus 1 per 50 seats
over 1000 seats*
1 per 4 receivers*
2001 and over
55 plus 1 per 100 seats
over 2000 seats*
1 per 4 receivers*
*Or fraction thereof

2010 Changes to Assistive Listening Systems

Let us know if we can be of further assistance on this topic. We’re here to help in any way we can.

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