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Instant Video Replay is a company that facilitates training and focus group research for law firms and other organizations. The firm is often called upon to organize “mock trials” for lawyers. Mock trials give lawyers the benefit of watching and listening to jury deliberations, which are closed in actual trials. This gives them an understanding of the thought process used by jurors in reaching decisions. Instant Video Replay sets up focus group or “mock-jury” so lawyers can practice their technique outside the courtroom. When the “jury” goes to deliberate, the lawyers can watch the discussion on closed circuit television. Instant Video Replay often has several juries for each mock trial, thereby giving a law firm feedback from multiple groups rather than a single panel.
Instant Video Replay was faced with the challenge of getting all of this valuable information to the ears of the lawyers. Legal teams were forced to crowd around televisions in order to hear the discussions. When lawyers wanted to hear another group’s discussion, they would have to physically move to a different monitor or different room.
Listen wireless audio provided a solution. Now, Instant Video Replay sets up the televisions along with LT-800 Stationary Transmitters and signs indicating the wireless audio’s channel for each television and signs indicating which channel the audio for that particular set is being broadcast on. Each lawyer then has a Listen LR-500 Programmable Receiver with earphones, and simply tunes to the audio channel for the television they are viewing. They can just adjust the volume to a comfortable level and sit in any part of the room — no more huddling around a television trying to decipher what is being said.
“The lawyers love them,” says Helen Knox of Instant Video Replay. “Once they have the headsets, there is no going back. I even have other law firms and companies call me to ask me about the ‘wireless system I heard Instant Video Replay is using’.”
Law firms, market focus groups, law enforcement agencies and any other organization that utilizes remote monitoring for educational purposes can use the Listen products in the same way. Wireless audio provides new flexibility and functionality for training, marketing research, and many other applications.
Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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