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Jeroen Smit of  Clarity Audio Systems in El Dorado Hills California recently did an install with the Listen FM Products for the Timber Creek Lodge.  ”We selected the “Listen” system because of the past success of integrating it into other complex systems, and for the quality, it delivers, sonically and functionally,” said Jeroen.

 This install was for the Timber Creek Lodge at Sun City Roseville.  This is a very active senior community.  The clubhouse is booked with events for the numerous clubs (dance, music, etc.) to concerts and wedding/anniversary type parties.  The assisted listening portion of the system gets used heavily during board meetings, HOA meetings, and other similar events.

Listen FM products is a complex system with 12 channels of wireless microphones, a Media Matrix processing system, a Yamaha digital console and an AMX control system. All integrated to make the use of this very complex system easy for the clubhouse staff to operate.

”We were referred to this project by one of our house-of-worship clients who was very pleased with the job we did for them.”

In the past, we’ve used “Listen” assisted listening systems with great success.  We set it up, the customer turns it on and it works.  Anything that we can include in a system and does not give us trouble is a good thing.  If we have a gripe it would be that the carrier has to be kept open while charging the receivers to prevent heat build-up.  This is a minor nuisance at worst.
We do have access to some other products in this category but the “Listen” system falls into the “if it works, don’t fix it” column.  We’ve been happy with the past performance and we tend to stick to things that work.
Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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