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In the true spirit of Listen’s mantra to “Personalize, Simplify, and Customize”, RP Dynamics, a Listen dealer from Mississauga, ON, Canada, has Listen products incorporated as a key component in the hit Canadian cable TV show Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel! Participants enter the cab and on their way to their destination they answer questions for the chance to win cash.

Discovery Channel's Cash Cab

This application takes audio from within the Cash Cab and then transmits it wirelessly from a Listen LT-800 transmitter in the trunk of the cab to an LR-100 rack receiver in the production vehicle that follows the Cash Cab around during production. Listen products feature an 80dB signal to noise ratio, which makes them perfect for high quality wireless audio transmission.

Now THAT is a trunk rack!
Now THAT is a trunk rack!

This is a perfect example of a progressive and creative dealer pioneering Listen products into new and exciting applications!

Check out some numbers behind the original Canadian production of Cash Cab.

3850 = Total distance in kilometres driven
920 = Rough number of questions asked this whole season
527 = Approximate litres of gasoline used
155 = Total hours of actual filming for one season. (But closer to 212 if you include lost material, false start days, etc.)
99 = Number of official games played this season
17 = Days of training in the mandatory taxicab driver training program
10 = Hours it takes to film one 30-minute episode
8 = Number of cameras used to film. Five cameras inside the cab, two mounted on the roof, and one mobile camera
2 = Wardrobe changes for Adam

Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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