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Create an engaging learning environment in the classroom with ListenIR infrared assistive listening technology that goes beyond compliance.

Students with hearing loss can often feel isolated, frustrated, and disconnected to the classroom and their peers. Provide an inclusive, accessible, and compliant assistive listening system to deliver an awesome experience to all students because everyone deserves the same great listening experience.

Students who can hear clearly can focus, learn, and fully engage in the lesson. Assistive listening systems ensure equal access for those with hearing loss. ListenIR provides secure assistive listening through infrared technology.

An exceptional education starts with great sound. Create enriched educational environments that improve students’ retention, focus, and imaginations. Students that can hear lessons clearly are better equipped to learn and comprehend which leads to better performance.

Test scores can improve 10-30% with sound amplification in classrooms. – THE MARRS REPORT

Why Infrared Assistive Listening from Listen Technologies

Infrared technology transmits sound over infrared light directly to the listeners’ ear without amplifying ambient noise for unsurpassed speech intelligibility and a superior listening experience. ListenIR provides secure audio with advanced line of sight infrared technology which makes it ideal for education as the audio stays in the room.

The ListenIR iDSP receivers operate on four wideband channels:
Channel 1 (2.3 MHz) | Channel 2 (2.8 MHz) | Channel 3 (3.3 MHz) | Channel 4 (3.8 MHz)

You can also add ListenIR iDSP receivers to any existing installed IR system to improve the listening experience of students.

ListenIR offers:

  • Best infrared receivers on the market
    • Small and lightweight
    • Infrared transparent material
    • Digital signal processing
  • Interference-free
  • Secure audio for privacy
  • Reliable transmission
  • Unsurpassed infrared coverage

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a law in the United States that requires all public spaces where audio is integral to the use of the space provide an assistive listening system to accommodate those with hearing loss. Classroom infrared assistive listening systems meet ADA compliance and provide equal access for students with hearing loss. Learn more about compliance or register for our ADA and Assistive Listening Compliance webinar.

ListenIR for the Classroom System Recommendation

LS-90 ListenIR iDSP Level I System – Securely transmit assistive listening audio and ensure compliance for your school. This pre-configured system includes everything you need to meet the needs of a small or mid-size classroom with up to 50 seats.

ListenIR iDSP Level I System
Securely transmit infrared assistive listening audio and ensure compliance for your classroom.

Download the ListenIR for Education flyer.

Ray, H. (1988). Mainstream amplification resource room study (MARRS): A national diffusion network project. Wabash & Ohio Valley Special Education District, Norris City, IL.

Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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