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ListenIR Provides a Superior Infrared Listening Experience

Our wireless audio distribution technologies support many applications, including assistive listening, language interpretation, tour group communications, and exhibit audio. To provide the best solution for any situation, we offer several wireless platforms – from radio frequency (RF) to WiFi to Infrared (IR) — all of which “broadcast” one or more high-fidelity audio signals.

ListenRF and ListenWIFI transmit audio using radio waves, with signals that can facilitate exceptional reach and coverage with little concern for physical or structural obstacles. The listener can easily move about a venue, even down the hall and from room to room, while receiving constant audio without signal dropouts. That is a great approach for many, if not most, applications. Yet, other situations (e.g., courtrooms, medical facilities, classrooms) require, or prefer, private and secure audio with the signal limited to the confines of the room. The solution for this is infrared audio technology. Infrared, also called IR, transmits audio via infrared light. That light does not penetrate the room walls (nor floors and ceilings), so only those IR receivers in the room with line-of-sight visibility can receive the audio. ListenIR from Listen Technologies meets the needs when private or secure audio is required, and it does so with proprietary Listen-only, patented* IR technology to deliver the most advanced, powerful infrared audio systems available.

Let’s explore some of the many ListenIR advantages.

Transmitters and Radiators

An infrared audio system begins with a transmitter and one or more radiators. The transmitter modulates (converts) the venue’s audio signal into the appropriate frequency range, then that signal is sent to one or more infrared radiators installed in the intended coverage space. A radiator is the unit that emits the infrared signal into the room.

In many cases, just a single radiator is needed to provide complete coverage for IR receivers in the room. In some cases, the necessary radiator-to-receiver line-of-sight connection can be interrupted in large venues and/or rooms with columns or odd angles. In those situations, ListenIR systems allow for adding one or more “extension” radiators, assuring IR coverage throughout the room. Multiple radiators emitting the same signal, though, can still be problematic. Different cable lengths and variable physical positioning can create a situation where the IR radiators may be “blinking” at slightly different times, potentially causing signal cancellation and audio dropouts at the IR receivers. That is why Listen Technologies developed variable IR delay compensation. This signal-timing innovation makes ListenIR the first and only IR listening system with onboard delay compensation, assuring receivers get clear, time-aligned audio.

ListenIR systems can fully cover any venue, regardless of size or configuration. 


Part of our Intelligent Digital Signal Processing (iDSP) line, ListenIR receivers are half the size and weight of typical IR receivers…that alone is a significant advantage. But ListenIR receivers have many other unmatched features. Where other IR receivers have a tiny little IR window through which they “see” the incoming IR signal (think about that little red square on your TV), Listen iDSP IR receivers are constructed of infrared-transparent material, meaning the entire unit can “see” the IR signal, from any angle! This assures superior quality and the best range and reception in their class.

ListenIR receivers provide standard 3.5mm connectors for use with wired Listen headphones/earbuds or your personal ones. These connectors also facilitate use of our LA-430 integrated neckloop/lanyard (more on this below).

The built-in rechargeable battery, with micro-USB charging port, is an economical and environmentally friendly feature, eliminating the costs and concerns of traditional battery replacement. Battery level, as well as channel and volume information, is shown on the receiver’s easy-to-read OLED display.

Plus, ListenIR iDSP receivers work with any IR system (including competitors) so you can upgrade any infrared system for an improved listening experience.

Integrated Neck Loops


Adult white male with short brown hair is sitting with a blue short-sleeved polo shirt and a ListenIR receiver and neck loop around his neck.

Connecting a Listen LA-430 integrated neck loop/lanyard to an iDSP receiver allows users with telecoil (t-coil) enabled hearing aids and cochlear implants to wear a personal induction loop around their neck comfortably. And for those without the need for a neck loop, the LA-430 functions as a secure lanyard and features an integral 3.5mm earphone jack for use with wired headphones/earbuds.

So, now you know some of the innovations and advancements that make ListenIR the most powerful IR audio system available.

A personal induction neck loop is worn around the neck to transmit the ListenIR sound directly to hearing aids and cochlear implants.

To get the most out of ListenIR, contact our sales team to convert your infrared system to ListenIR or learn more about the benefits of a ListenIR assistive listening system.

– Written by Larry Lauzon, 2024

*US Patent No. 9,712,246

Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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