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New Look: ListenEVERYWHERE is now ListenWIFI

Listen Technologies is thrilled to introduce ListenWIFI, the latest generation of our audio-over-Wi-Fi solution. This rebranding brings more than just a new name; it enhances the user experience with cutting-edge features such as beacons for location-based audio triggering and dedicated receivers for improved performance while meeting compliance. Let’s take a look at what’s new with the new and improved ListenWIFI app. 

WIFI_iOS_Default App_2023-HR

The existing Listen EVERYWHERE app for both iOS and Android users will be updated to reflect the new name of ListenWIFI. This change will take place during the next app update on your device, which will be available starting July 8th. If your phone has automatic app updates enabled, there is nothing you need to do as the app will automatically update as scheduled. If your device has automatic updates disabled, the app will alert of an available update upon next app opening allowing you to update the app at your convenience. We recommend the app be updated as soon as possible to take advantage of all of the new features that ListenWIFI offers, as well as ensure continued compatibility with the latest phones and operating systems.

The new ListenWIFI mobile app offers several new features in addition to existing capabilities:

  • Connect and access channels much easier using one of the new methods:
    • Scan a QR code to access channels using the new in-app QR code scanner
    • Automatically connect upon app opening using DNS (requires IT implementation)
  • Backwards compatability with all existing Listen Everywhere systems back to version 2.53.
  • Continued reliability and maintenance improvements.

The following is also available now for venues installing or upgrading to the new ListenWIFI servers:

  • Compatibility with new ListenWIFI systems, including new servers, beacons for location based audio, receivers for compliance, local management software for easy programming, and more!
  • New location based audio triggering, ensuring the right audio is heard based on physical location (requires new LA-490 Beacons)
  • New Hidden Channels feature, prohibiting channels from being accessed unless a beacon is received or a QR code is scanned (requires new ListenWIFI servers)
  • New in-app QR code scanner, allowing users to simply scan a QR code to access individual channels directly.
  • New in-app language selector for multi-lingual venues (requires new ListenWIFI servers.)
  • Public Address (PA) audio allowing broadcast announcements to be heard on all channels (requires new ListenWIFI servers)

The ListenWIFI app makes connecting and listening to audio channels much easier, especially at venues who upgrade to the new ListenWIFI audio servers. If you are visiting a venue who has existing Listen EVERYWHERE servers who you think may benefit by upgrading to ListenWIFI, have a venue manager reach out to Listen Technologies today!


Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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