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Pioneering a market is not easy, however in my opinion it’s a lot of fun if one is willing to put in the hard work and willing to stick with it.  

I remember early in my AV career at Gentner Communications (now ClearOne) we pioneered a new technology for teleconferencing. We introduced a complete installed audio teleconferencing system with an “echo canceller” before anyone knew they had a need for one. No one was asking for one, in fact the market seemed to be satisfied with the solutions that were offered. It wasn’t until they “heard” the system and truly understood what this system could do for them did they embrace this new solution. The system demo spoke for itself and the client could easily understand the increased productivity the technology would offer them.

Today I find myself facing a similar situation with our new product line ListenPoint. This is an amazing system that provides audio structure for small rooms, yet no one is asking for it. So, it will require a pioneering spirit and different sales approach… passion and a lot of hard work.  The great thing about ListenPoint is that it’s extremely affordable and can do so much in a small room setting. I’m motivated and challenged and ready to “pioneer” a new market. Not many are given such an awesome opportunity more than once!   It is my personal belief that pioneering requires passion.  The magic about working with passion is that the work seems easier if you’re working with passion, you simply don’t give up. Pioneering will require persistence and passion as it’s the passion that makes things happen. People can see it, feel it and are motivated by it.  When you’re passionate the people around you get caught up in it. 

Pioneering also requires a vision. Our vision at Listen Technologies is that ListenPoint will change the interactions in small room settings worldwide making smaller groups more collaborative, and creating effective dynamic meetings.   

This has been my personal experience and perspective; however I’d welcome learning from others. What has been your experience that you or others you’ve known have had pioneering new products, solutions or markets?
Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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