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The Herberger Theater Center is a non-profit organization whose mission to be the premier performance venue to support and foster the growth of performing arts in Phoenix, Arizona. While they produce amazing plays, they also provide Assistive Listening to their patrons that are in need of some audio amplification.


In doing so, some of their patrons were complaining that they were having audio drop outs (dead spots) in the front rows and in and around the balcony seating areas. The theater decided to go down the path of improving the Assistive Listening system currently in operation to  ensure sure that everyone received the best possible experience no matter where they were seated.
Sound Image, Inc., out of the Phoenix AZ area, was brought in to install a new Listen Stationary IR (infrared) system that would provide full coverage for the multiple theaters. During the process of providing product to the venue it was discovered that due to the architecture of the theater and their desire not to disturb the current ambiance they were in need of a solution for providing power to multiple radiators within each theater.
The standard LA-140 Listen Stationary IR radiators are typically powered by the transmitter or by an independent power supply and are daisy-chained together. In fact the transmitter or power supply can provide enough power to operate up to two IR radiators. In this case each theatre had as many as eight radiators and it was not desired to have 4 independent power supplies.


Working with Listen Technologies the dealer and consultant specified a custom power supply (Condor/SL Power International Series Linear 28V 6A power Supply) that would allow all of the radiators to be powered from one source. This allowed the Cat-5e cable to be daisy-chained from one radiator to the next. The Listen stationary IR system has now been installed and is now providing the best experience for the theater goers while not interfering with the aesthetics of this beautiful theater.


Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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