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You will find Listen Technologies products at work in some very impressive settings. But there is one venue where I hope you NEVER have to experience the capabilities of Listen Technologies first hand – a courtroom!  ExhibitOne is one of the country’s leading A/V integrator for federal, state and local courts. We recently introduced our patent pending Virtual Court Interpreter System™ – (VCIS™).
At any given time, in any given courtroom a court system must provide language translation services when needed.   Problem is, most courts don’t have enough staff interpreters to go around – let alone cover all of the different languages that might be spoken. To bridge that gap courts will typically either outsource to translation companies, utilize a telephonic interpreter service or a combination of the two. With any frequency of use, either or both become very expensive propositions.
That’s where ExhibitOne’s VCIS and Listen Technologies come in. Through telephone and web connectivity, VCIS enables remotely located staff interpreters to instantly enter any courtroom, provide their translation services and then instantly move onto the next courtroom – regardless of where it is located. Travel down-time is eliminated. No delays. No travel costs. No premium rates from outsourced providers.
Listen Technologies is a core component of VCIS. We utilize Listen’s 4-Channel IR transmitter/receiver and wireless FM microphone transmitter/receiver with the headset microphone combination. The interpreter dials into the courtroom via an audio conference built into our system. The defendant utilizes the headset to hear the interpreter’s translation into their native language and to speak to the court through the interpreter. The interpreter can then switch between addressing the defendant in their native language through his/her headset and providing translation in English to the court over the courtroom’s speaker system.
If the client has an attorney, the attorney may need translation services before, during or after a proceeding.   In this case the attorney uses a second transmitter/receiver microphone and listen assist system and the translator selects a private mode to provide two-way translation to the headsets of just the defendant and attorney.
The system is awesome to see and hear in action. But trust us. It’s something you don’t need to experience for yourself.
Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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