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When you visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, OH, you have the option of taking a tour with a Listen wireless audio system.
John Grayson, corporate relations manager, explains how they have benefitted from the Listen products. As museums go, the Rock Hall can be pretty noisy. Hey, it’s rock and roll. But the cacophony isn’t always conducive to group tours. The Listen units really help to save the voice of the guide. Also, when we pause along the tour, large groups tend to slowly disperse as folks are drawn by their interest in the artifacts. The units are so practical for rounding everyone up and moving along. They help save time and keep the tour moving on schedule. “
Tour guides at the hall wear LT-700 Portable Transmitters with a head worn microphone. Each guest wears a personal belt pack with an ear speaker that can receive the transmitted audio up to 150 feet away. This can have other advantages as well, as Grayson explains. “Today when the group got on the elevator to move to another floor, one of the tour members fell behind and missed the car. When it was discovered that she had gone missing, the interpreter simply used the transmitter to tell her that we were waiting for her-three floors away. “
With their international appeal, the Rock Hall also uses the Listen devices for interpretation. Multiple tours (or interpretations) can all take place in the same area, thanks to Listen’s 57 channels and field tunability.
“People love them because of the clarity, “Grayson points out. “That seems to be the unifying theme when people finish the tour –it sounds so clear. “The tour guides also appreciate the system. “They (the guides) say after four of these hour-long tours, they are not going home hoarse at the end of the day.
Presentation, ease of use, flexibility, and clarity … all great reasons why the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum uses Listen wireless audio for their guided tours.
Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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