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I knew I’d have fun.

I knew that I’d have stories to tell.
I did not know just how deep an impact the students at Kauri Sue Hamilton School would make on my heart.
Now in its third year, the Kauri Sue Hamilton School in Jordan School District is a school for students with severe, multiple disabilities.  The land was donated by Cletus and Sharon Hamilton in gratitude for the education Jordan School District provided for their daughter, Kauri Sue.   Kauri Sue is now 40 years old and lives in Spanish Fork but has fond memories of going to school at Jordan Valley School, Bingham High School, and South Valley School.

When Santa Claus came to town, to the Kauri School to be more specific, I had a chance to be his elf/helper for the day. Of course that meant I needed elf attire and the Hale Center Theater’s costume department did not disappoint. Being an audio company we decided to have a little fun and bring in one of our portable systems.

Imagine Santa walking into the classroom and not only calling each student by name but having a conversation with them. These children face many challenges and a better part of them cannot verbally communicate their thoughts and feelings. When Santa was able to talk about their lives and their interests, the excitement was palpable. One little qirl, a quadriplegic, could not speak or move. But when Santa talked to her and held her hand, her breathing became more rapid. One of the teacher aides told me, “That means she is excited!”
Another little boy would stick his leg out straight and shake it. Santa stuck his leg out and shook it. He shrieked with joy and stuck both legs out shaking them. So Santa did the same. Then he stood up and plopped down, stood up, plopped down, stood up, plopped down. Santa did the same. And they connected.
The amazing Teacher Specialist, Jenny Eyre, wore a portable transmitter with a lapel mic while Santa wore an earpiece and had a receiver clipped to his pants. Jenny was able to stand on the far side of the room or down the hall and whisper details in to Santa’s ear. The details she knew of each student and teacher in the school showed that this isn’t just a job, it’s an important part of her life.

Santa was able to bring joy not just to the students but the teachers as well. They were trying to figure out who Santa was and how he knew such details.  Several teachers would whisper to me with a knowing look in their eyes, “Okay, who is Santa? I can’t figure it out?” My response was simply, “Why it’s Santa Claus of course!”

In a world where so often the focus is on material things and winning the rat race, this magical experience is something that I will treasure. The love and acceptance that was shared with me was far greater than any service that I could have provided. Thanks Kauri Sue for letting me see the world through your eyes for a day.

Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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