2 Channel Wi-Fi System with 2 Receivers (Dante) (COMING SOON)


The LWS-02-A1-D system provides a robust and convenient audio streaming solution, connecting your Wi-Fi network to serve up to 500 users with dedicated ListenWIFI receivers and guests’ smartphones via the ListenWIFI mobile app.

The ListenWIFI Audio Server LW-110-02 broadcasts two channels of analog audio, streaming directly to smartphones and LWR-1050 Wi-Fi Audio Receivers within your venue. This setup supports assistive listening compliance and addresses challenging audio environments, ensuring crystal-clear audio delivery.

ListenWIFI servers are scalable and flexible, easily expanding to support more users and higher channel counts with seamless network integration. They also feature automated channel selection, which connects listeners to the appropriate audio channel based on location when used with LA-490 beacons.

The ListenWIFI Windows® software offers a user-friendly interface for managing all ListenWIFI products, including servers, mobile apps, receivers, and beacons. It allows extensive customization to align with your venue’s branding, such as tailoring welcome messages, incorporating sliding banners, and promoting special offers, all managed through the ListenWIFI Manager software.

Ideal for a variety of venues, including classrooms, places of worship, and theaters, the ListenWIFI Audio Server delivers superior audio quality and low latency, enhancing the listening experience. ListenWIFI continuously innovates how users engage with audio content.

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  • One (1) LW-160-02 ListenWIFI 2 Channel Wi-Fi Audio Server (Dante)
  • Two (2) LWR-1050 ListenWIFI Wi-Fi Audio Receiver
  • Two (2) LA-164 Ear Speaker
  • Two (2) LA-445-BK Breakaway Lanyard
  • Two (2) LA-438 Advanced Neck Loop (Adult)
  • One (1) LA-423 4-Port USB Charger
  • One (1) LW-307 ListenWIFI Hearing Assistance Signage


  • Global ALS solution – worldwide compliance (with receivers and neck loops)
  • Flexible listening options – Dedicated receivers or guests’ own smartphone
  • Uses existing wireless network (Wi-Fi) – provides broad venue-wide coverage
  • Scalable solution– seamlessly add more servers for additional channels/users
  • Up to 500 users – scalable with more servers
  • 2 channels per server – scalable with more servers
  • Dante® audio inputs -simple audio routing and management via Dante Controller®
  • Superior audio performance – Industry-leading latency
  • Network flexibility – supports small networks to large enterprises
  • Supports triggered audio – using LA-490 Beacons
  • QR code channel access – mobile apps scan QR codes for channel selection
  • Public Address override – venue wide broadcasts for public announcements
  • LW Manager software – Complete setup and management system (Windows®)


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