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Smart tour systems simplify operations for sightseeing companies by managing multiple destinations, languages, tours, routes and GPS locations from one intuitive, flexible interface. With TrueTime Passenger Analytics, you gain customer usage statistics, taking the guesswork out of who, what and when on your sightseeing tours.

Travel and Tourism are growing at a faster rate than the broader economy, which means even more foreign language travellers are arriving in destinations around the world this year. International tourist arrivals show record growth year over year while the most significant increase in the holiday trip market comes from city trips growing 58% in the last five years thanks to low-cost flights and budget accommodation.

If you are not catering to foreign language travellers, you are leaving serious money on the table. Tour wholesalers, the cruise ship industry, and FIT travellers are looking for high-quality tour operators with foreign language services. If you do not meet that need, someone else will.

That is why we are introducing a smarter way to manage tour commentary with a fully integrated Wi-Fi and cloud management solution for building GPS sightseeing tours anywhere in the world. Navilution, a family of tour products introduced to provide sightseeing operators with a market leading edge, breaks down language and accessibility barriers by simultaneously sharing tour commentary with passengers in a variety of languages and tour topics while supporting ASL videos.

Smart Tour Systems Deliver GPS Audio Tour Commentary, Video, and Data

The cloud helps you take advantage of industry-leading map-based tours, content storage, and networking capabilities that you can scale on demand as your business grows. And cloud services means you can focus on your business, not IT.

Introducing Navilution Cortex, software that gives you answers you need. Who, what and when your customers are listening to your tours.

Cortex, bundled with our smart tour systems, is the first cloud-based platform for multilingual commentary systems, designed for the non-programmer, offering the easiest way to organize and manage your multi-language audio, video, music and safety messages.

Supporting hundreds of different combinations of languages and tour topics to every single route, Navilution Cortex comes equipped with ground-breaking TrueTime Passenger Analytics, giving sightseeing operators the ability to instantly collect, analyze and share seatback analytics on a visual dashboard, the first of its kind in our industry.

You gain timely information about passenger usage at your fingertips, enabling you to make more informed and focused sales and marketing decisions based on real data.

If you are an ambitious tour operator that wants to attract more customers and measure your success over time, learn why Navilution Evo is right for you.

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We believe in breaking down barriers and making sightseeing universally accessible for everyone. We also happen to make the only complete multilingual, multi-topical hardware, software and creative solution that provides premium, five-star sightseeing experiences.

The Evolution of GPS Commentary System Solutions

We spent a year conducting market research and listening to our customers’ feedback on what they wanted from new products. We used this information to innovate, achieving technological advancements and features not seen in our industry – until now.

To drive these new products to market, we worked with Canada’s most prolific industrial design firm, hired leading engineers, and a top UX, UI firm to create beautiful, functional applications.

We had the privilege of participating in an innovation boot camp over several months, led by Dr. Robert Cooper, the creator of the world-famous Stage-Gate® process, also named the “World’s Top Innovation Management Scholar” by the prestigious U.S. Journal of Product Innovation Management. Our customers’ needs are incorporated into the design our products and services, contributing to innovation, engineering, industrial design, and software human experience design.

Solving Problems, Getting Results

Our customers big and small are solving problems and getting results. We work in small cities and leading destinations worldwide. So, if you are an ambitious tour operator looking to grow your business

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