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SynAudCon takes a multimedia presentation and an interactive “hands-on” approach with this 3-day seminar. Scheduled for Atlanta in March and Dallas for April.
Please watch this informative brief video for information about this seminar. [Watch Now]

Who Should Attend?
This seminar is for those who install, configure and calibrate sound reinforcement systems.

Seminar Description
Learning “how it works” is the key to troubleshooting and setting the system up correctly.
This seminar has been updated and refined for 2010. It covers the theory behind how systems work and demonstrates how to use instrumentation to look “under the hood” to troubleshoot systems. Advanced topics such a crossover adjustments and equalization are presented in a technical, yet practical way.
SR for Technicians includes “Hands-On” Exercises. The attendees will use a tool kit that includes meters and other items that are needed to test and troubleshoot systems.
The class also goes into detail on how to use modern dual-channel FFT measurement platforms.
On day three, we show the setup of a 3-way tri amped loudspeaker, including polarity testing, equalization, crossover selection and signal alignment. The principles presented in the Technicians seminar are built upon those presented in the Level 100 – Principles of Audio Web-based Course.

What You Will Learn
  1. The inner workings of audio interfaces, including a practical exposure to concepts of voltage, current, impedance, power, and other signal characteristics.
  2. How to select loudspeaker cables based on loudspeaker impedance and required cable length.
  3. How to establish an optimum system gain structure using both “on the fly” and in-depth approaches.
  4. How to know how much power you are feeding a loudspeaker, and how to stay below the loudspeaker’s power limits.
  5. The proper use of peak and RMS metering to track audio signals.
  6. How to figure out if you should run your power amplifier in dual-channel or bridge-mono mode.
  7. The principles of grounding and shielding for quiet and safe interfaces.
  8. The essential and common principles of all room measurement systems, enabling you to use any of them to their fullest potential.
  9. An equalization strategy that gets at what you can fix, and avoids “over equalizing” the sound system.
  10. How to calibrate a loudspeaker signal processing chain, including crossover, equalizer, delay and compressor/limiter.
  11. How 70 volt systems work, and how to make sure they’re working correctly.
Seminar Dates:
Atlanta, Georgia – March 19-21, 2012
Dallas, Texas – April 2-4, 2012
The class is approved for 24 InfoComm Renewal Units, 16 NSCA LUs, 10 CEDIA CEUs, and 19 BISCI CECs. Continuing Education Overview

Suggested Prerequisite:
Level 100: Principles of Audio – Web-Based Training Course
Suggested Follow up Training: SynAudCon Digital

Supplies Needed
Bring a notebook computer if you would like to take part in the “Audio Click Rule” exercises. Mac users, the Audio Click Rule will work if you have Windows installed on your computer. The Toolkit used for this seminar is provided by SynAudCon and remains the property of SynAudCon at the end of the seminar.
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