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How do you show off a state-of-the-art shipping and tracking facility when the equipment includes conveyor belts and jet aircraft making so much noise you can’t hear someone yelling next to you? With Listen, of course!
At UPS’ Louisville Kentucky transport hub, executive and VIP tours are conducted which include walking guests through the maze of conveyors in the warehouse and out onto the tarmac where the planes are speedily taking packages to their worldwide destinations. UPS executives wanted to create a favorable impression with their important guests, but had trouble making them heard over the background noise.
By utilizing a Listen LT-700 Portable Transmitter and Noise Cancelling microphone, UPS Tour Guides are now able to speak comfortably while feeling secure that all tour members can hear the presentation.
UPS was so happy with their Listen system in Kentucky that they added another system at their Chicago, IL facility. With Listen, it’s easy to give a great tour!
UPS’ comments on Listen: “Listen Technologies’ products play an important role in the UPS Welcome Center. We use their equipment every day for customer visits to our international air hub in Louisville, KY.”
“These visits often involve high-dollar customers and important dignitaries, so it’s essential that we convey the best possible image of our company. Listen’s hands-free equipment allows us to communicate key information clearly and safely while moving around our operation.”
“Listen Technologies has been an important strategic partner with UPS.” “We needed results quickly and Listen’s entire team made it happen.”
“They do “listen,” and they do hear you.”
Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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