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Are you struggling to set yourself apart from your competition? All businesses struggle at some point with standing out from the crowd, and we’re here to help. Keep reading to see our three keys to making your sightseeing business stand out!

  1. Live up to brand promises.

Your brand promise is at the heart of an effective strategy to differentiate your sightseeing business from the competition. If your business is confident in its abilities and has developed a compelling and consistent customer experience, you can more easily differentiate yourself from your competition. Simplify and keep your message focused; communicate one (or two) key messages that best describe your value proposition and your key points of differentiation.

If necessary, work on creating a new brand promise that is achievable, accurate and highlights the experience you want to provide your customers. This is how you achieve a market leading position. Customers and wholesale tour operators buy sightseeing tickets from companies that appear to offer more value and repeat buying from companies that exceed their (and their clients) expectations.

  1. Provide unique and emotional experiences.

A great brand starts with a remarkable product or service worth talking about. While all great tours should be informative, they should also seek to create an emotional transaction with your customer. Find your personal connection to the message – what is it about what you do that excites you and how can this help you communicate your message in a more engaging, sincere, and inspiring way?

Reflect on and identify the experiences and defining moments in your life that have led to a personal connection with your message and share those experiences.

Customers want to be thrilled by getting more value, attention, and enjoyment than they expected. You need to make your customers feel like they’re part of something special – something worth sharing. After they’ve been out on your sightseeing tour, they should be inspired to tell all of their friends about it.

  1. Be clear, understandable and repetitive.

Repetition and consistency is one of the biggest challenges we see sightseeing operators’ today. You can only build a strong brand for your company if your tours are delivered consistently, regardless of weather or time of year. Everything you do should convey your unique message and it should always be continually reinforced, again and again.

Your message must be consistent throughout your organization, reinforcing your service positioning and branding. You need to make sure all your marketing and communications express your message consistently and clearly, especially in the foreign languages you service. Foreign language travelers generally have few choices when it comes to sightseeing tours in their native tongue, so they typically buy whatever is available and at the lowest price point, with little brand loyalty and expectation.

If you’re seeking new business from foreign language markets, you need to deliver a top-notch experience, and you need to communicate your message in an understandable way. Start by revising your advertising, brochures, rack cards and website (to name a few) to be clear in your offerings and understandable by all.

Start improving your sightseeing business today by working on our three keys to making your business stand out. You need to start somewhere, and even if it’s a small change, we promise it will make a difference in the long run.

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