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status quo: noun -‘kwō meaning “the current state of affairs” – to keep the status quo is to keep something the way it is presently

The status quo is unsustainable. More and more sightseeing companies are coming to grips with the fact that if they continue with the status quo, they will not be able to sustain growth, market share and profitability. Even worse, for some companies, the status quo means they won’t be with us next year. It kills companies not only in tourism, but in every industry. To challenge the status quo, you need to enact change, first within your company and then the industry as a whole.

Be the Change and Kill Status Quo

Change is challenging; it makes us uncomfortable, and it creates uncertainty, fear and doubt. The status quo is an easier, safer choice; it’s easier to do what we’ve always done rather than try to change what we do and how we do it. Unfortunately, change happens whether we want it to or not.

Our only way to influence change is to recognize that the status quo is not good enough. Being successful today is the result of championing new ideas and having the courage to execute them. So how do you go about challenging the status quo?

  1. Create a sense of urgency in yourself and among your peers.
  2. Get the right people involved – gain buy-in and tap into the power of collaboration and the skill sets required to get the job done. Brainstorm to see what you and every other company is doing the same, then challenge it by thinking of ways to change it and think outside the box for how you can provide a better experience.
  3. Have goals and objectives people can visualize, understand and relate to. If you want to break down barriers, identify if they are language barriers or cultural barriers. How can you break them down?
  4. Have a vision – communicate how change will be better for everyone. Meet with your whole team and discuss your long-term goals as well as the benefits of the upcoming changes.
  5. Don’t quit just because it gets difficult. Challenging the status quo can be hard, especially when stepping out from the standard. Stay focused, be persistent, and remain dedicated to the cause.

While you can encourage others to enact change and challenge the status quo, you need to take the first step and lead your company into the future. An important thing to remember is that this starts with you. Take the time to reflect on what you can do to make things better. Make a list and share it with your team. While you may not be able to make all the improvements you want to see right away, start with the small wins first.

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